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Jo’s Daily Questions, November 16-31, 2022

Answers to Jo’s daily questions for November 16-31, 2022.

16. “Live hard, die young and leave a beautiful corpse” ~OR~ “Live long and prosper”?

Live long and prosper obviously – because Star Trek!

17. What are you most likely very wrong about?

I’m not sure. Probably something to do with Kokoomus on more than a few fronts. I keep getting surprised when they support things like womens’ abortion rights because their views on economics, the unemployed and poverty are evil and cruel and I expect the same from them on everything else too.

18. If you were put into solitary confinement for six months, what would you do to stay sane?

Can you get a tv there? Paper and pen? Books to read? Music to listen? If so, I’d watch tv, write a journal, read books and listen to music. I don’t know if solitary confinement for that long is even possible here in Finland.

19. Can you list three good things that happened this week?

No, no I can’t. My weeks are usually just “okay” and this past week has been resoundingly “okay”.

20. Are child-proof containers becoming increasingly adult-proof?

Donno about child-proof, but milk containers that were easy to open before, then were redesigned to be even easier to open by the elderly with bad fingers have certainly became harder to open in reality!

21. Does your morning “getting ready” routine vary much between work days and weekends (or other days off if you work weekends)?

I don’t work so my morning routine doesn’t change usually. It changes if I have a very short hair and need to go outside for things like grocery shopping, a library visit or to pick up a parcel or something like that. When I have a very short hair, on those mornings I wash it because otherwise it just sticks up greasily in a hundred directions and refuses to settle down and looks dirty even if I just washed it the night before. Otherwise my routine is the same every day.

22. Does stress cause to you eat more or does it kill your appetite?

Neither. It causes migraines, and when I was a child my atopic skin rashes would also get worse. That occasionally still happens too. But usually migraines. It doesn’t have any effect on my appetite.

23. If, in a multi-story building, you only have to go up or down one or two flights, would you prefer to use the stairs rather than an elevator?

Elevator to go up, and stairs to go down.

24. Is there some old family belief, practice, routine or tradition that you know is nonsensical, but you still catch yourself doing it anyway?

Using things until they fall apart. Like towels etc.

25. What makes you feel terrible while you’re doing it but great when you’re done?

Baking, these days. Cleaning, always.

26. How’s your sleep been this week?

I’ve slept okay, but wake up a lot like once an hour or every 1,5 hours.

27. What is the purpose of art in society? You can define “art” as broadly as you like.

To give you pleasure and lift up your spirits. Both creating it, and seeing/listening/reading it. To help you grow as a human being, to open you up to new experiences and points-of-views.

28. November 28 is “Red Planet Day”. Do you think humans will ever get to Mars? Is this an endeavour that we should be devoting resources toward or would the money be better spent here on earth?

Space nut in me says “Yes, let’s all go to Mars ASAP!!!” but the poor in me says to first we need to make things better for poor people, and to fix the planet.

29. If everything else about your life stayed the same, how well could you get by living homeless for a year?

I don’t know. They say that all/most people who live on the streets here in Finland is because they choose it over the homeless homes. So maybe I would be a place in one of those homeless homes or I’d be helped to get an apartment by the social services. I don’t think I could manage well otherwise – the fall and winter is cold so I’d need somewhere warm to stay. And I need meds every day to keep my Crohn’s in check and the meds need to be store in a stable environment, not subjected to humidity or cold and warm randomly. They also say that in the homeless homes your things often get stolen etc. so it’d be hard. I hope I never become homeless but it’s not very many steps away – if a certain set of bad circumstances all happen at the same time and don’t get solved speedily, I can see it happening to me.

30. What in your residence is approaching its last days?

Bathroom. The apartment complex did a humidity measurement for all the bathrooms in our appartments a few weeks ago, and while my bathroom is good as far as that goes, they also said that my bathroom (which is original, 24 years old) is coming up on end of life. So looks like a bathroom renovation is coming up in not too distant future. Not sure if I’m to do it, or if it’ll be done collectively for all apartments needing it.

Also, probably my fridge and couch.

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