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Daylight Saving Time This Early In The Year Is Ridiculous

So, the EU wide Daylight Saving Time  started yesterday and is ridiculous as far as Finland is concerned as always (way too early)… but this time it’s especially ridiculous – we’ve been having a snow storm since at least Saturday! 🤣

The pic in the news article is from near where I live, and was like that when I went out grocery shopping today. Summer indeed! I gotta tell you, I felt real summery trudging in ankle-deep snow! 😂

It’s maddening that the process of getting rid of DST has stalled in the EU ☹️

Also the ending time is just ridiculous – October 29, 2023. Much too late! By that time we’ve been having Autumn and dark and cold for about 2 months already! 😂

Daylight Saving Time is translated as kesäaika (=Summer Time) in Finnish – it’s so funny to be speaking of kesäaika in the middle of winter! It’s not even spring yet this time.


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