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May 4, 2023

First Gray Hairs!

I’ve got my first gray hairs!! There’s quite a lot of it actually – a good portion of my bangs are gray! I’ve sometimes wondered the last couple of months while combing my hair in the bathroom that why are my bangs looking like there are highlights in them when there aren’t. My natural hair color is very, very blonde and I thought it was the light in the bathroom which has lied before. I’ve been asking pretty much every time I go get my hair cut if there’s any gray yet (because I’m curious what kind of gray it’ll be!) and the answers has always been no, so I think the gray’s come in since last May or November. And I didn’t notice it!! All this curiosity and waiting and I didn’t even notice!! 🤣

Even now, when I know there’s gray in my bangs it just looks like highlights! I can’t tell what’s my very fair, blonde color and what’s actually gray.

Now, if just perimenopause and especially menopause would just hurry up and get here. I’m so done with periods!

We are probably going to try Nexplanon implant to try and improve my long term iron levels. I keep getting anemic and too low iron levels, and iron tablets/liquid really do a number on my stomach, and the only iron tablet/liquid I’m allowed to take due to Crohn’s Disease is being effective (they’re known to be a less effective being type of iron supplement). The hope of the Nexplanon is that it would help get and keep my iron levels high enough that I don’t get anemic and don’t need iron infusions by  even further reducing the amount and days bleeding, or even stopping my periods entirely until I’m in menopause.

So interesting times ahead!

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