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May 15, 2023

TV Thoughts – The Rig (2023)

The premise of this tv series sounded fun and there are several good & familiar actors in it (Iain Glenn, Emily Hampshire, Martin Compston, Mark Addy, Owen Teale, Mark Bonnar) so I was excited to watch this. Turns out that the writing is abysmal!

All the characters keep making stupid decisions and take stupid actions time after time, both tiny and big. Especially Owen Teale’s character – that one is one genuinely stupid man! People die because of him and there are never any real consequences to him and nobody ever blames him. Just incredible. Each new episode seems like it’s in competition to outdo the previous episode’s stupid actions.

The pacing is much too slow and the series is at least two episodes too long. I think it’s implied that the entire series takes place over two days (or three?), but if feels more like two weeks. The idea behind the mysterious happenings is interesting (and one I haven’t seen before) and the actors are doing their best with what they’ve been given, but the writing is so, so bad. The series ends on a cliffhanger in clear hopes for a second series, and apparently series two has been greenlit.

Those actors I listed above and the idea is what kept me watching to the end, but honestly, I’m not sure whether I’ll bother with the second series. The writing would have to improve by a large margin to make it truly worth my while.

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