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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 2.01 The Broken Circle Thoughts

I’m so happy to have this ST back on my screen 💖 Seeing all the characters again was like meeting old friends after a long while. I thought it was a fun episode! I could’ve done without the weird, unnecesary fight scenes with M’Benga and Chapel and their space fight serum (I’m assuming it’s a bad thing because it’s not used in the future). The fight scenes were filmed awkwardly in slow motion and looked not believable to me. And for Klingons, the couple of dozen of Klingons went down quick and easy. Speaking of Klingons, I’m very happy to have more normal looking Klingons again instead of those weird looking ones on DSC – something about the DSC facial prosthetics look very unnatural and limiting like the actor can’t speak or move their facial muscles properly. I did think it was an interesting choice to have Pike sit out the episode. I guess next one will be with him and Una. Uhura has graduated and is an Ensign now 😀 Commander Pelia seems like an interesting addition to the crew. I wonder if The Broken Circle syndicate is going to be a problem later on – the syndicate was weirdly only in the background despite the episode being named after it. What we got seemed more bunch of random thugs working loosely together instead of motivated, organized and efficient group that it must be in order to smuggle in and build a Federation starship in secret.

Can’t wait for episode two!

Also, I love the official SNW posters – they’re so colorful 🥰

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