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Jul 31, 2023

The Friday Five for 28 July 2023

Answers to last Fridays thefridayfive questions from

1. When did you recently have the feeling, “Life is good.”

It’s been more than a decade. I don’t remember ever feeling/thinking that since I got ill.

2. Which do you need more, routine or spontaneity?

I’d say both. I need more routine when it comes to house hold stuff such as vacuuming. But I should also try to be more spontaneous. It’s just that most of the unplanned things in my adult life have been negative, not positive, so I don’t trust unplanned things.

3. Do you have a difficult or annoying neighbor?

Not right now. There used to be a sometimes-annoying neighbor who’d blast music and talk by shouting literally until 4am (sometimes until 7am) occasionally; no one slept those nights in my building. But that hasn’t happened in a year or so now *knock on wood* Maybe they’ve moved away?

4. What do you want to change about yourself?

The things I actually want to change about myself I can’t because they’re the effects of my illnesses… such as being exhausted all the time, and doing things being difficult because of it. I want doing things to be less energy sucking and easier.

5. What do you like best about where you live?

That it’s safe (both as in I don’t need to fear other people for the most part, and we don’t have natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes), and my town has a good public transport system.

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