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Dec 22, 2023

A Few TV Thoughts – Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Orphan Black: Echoes, Beacon 23

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Surprisingly enjoyable! I like the story, characters and actors so far and I’m looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

Beacon 23

– New scifi! Yay! Great visuals outside the station.
– I think Lena Headey has had some botox done. Her lips are huge and really distracting. Kind of like fish’s. It keeps striking me in every scene of every episode she’s in. But that doesn’t happen in Game of Thrones or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so she must have botox done at some point after GOT.
– I’m not sure Lena Headey is the right choice to play Aster. She’s so low energy and I feel like Aster’s character should be more dynamic.
– The guy playing Halen is doing a good job.
– The series is weirdly boring. The only episode that I truly enjoyed is the one with where Barbara Hershey guest-stars. That was written really well and the questions and themes were interesting. Almost like it’s from an entirely different series.
– All the other episodes I only just barely made it through, with lots of stopping and starting in every episode.
– The series has a weird way of bringing in random characters that are written like they’re the series’ main character(s) and who I get the feeling we’re supposed to care about but who then get booted out at the end of the episode. They may or may not survive and re-appear later.
– I can’t make an over-all picture of universe. Apparently humans have colonized hundreds of planets? But what’s QTA? What’s The Column? World building is unclear.
– The central mystery are the weird Rocks and the uh, anomaly, I guess?? If so, first season is done and we’ve learned next to nothing about them.
Everything feels like its thrown on the wall to see what bits stick. Like there’s no cohesive whole behind it all.
– The space pictures are great! The main reason I kept watching I guess.
– I don’t know why I didn’t quit it after a few episodes. It’s boring with weird choices and pacing.

Orphan Black: Echoes

I really really wanted this series to be as good as the original is, but two episodes in and it’s failing so badly. The writing is subpar and the acting ranges from bad to non-existant. I never thought Keeley Hawes could act badly, but here she is, proving me wrong. And while I’ve never liked Krysten Ritter in anything I’ve seen her (I quit Jessica Jones after about three episodes because of her), here she is just awful and the writing for her character is really bad. I don’t like any of the characters except for Jules but even that character seems like I’ve seen her a million times before. I really want to like the show but I’m not sure I can make it many more episodes if the writing doesn’t improve drastically.

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