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Feb 3, 2024

House of the Dragon Season 2

The current news is that House of the Dragon Season 2 will premiere in “early summer 2024”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. I’ve gotten a few questions about whether I will be capping season 2 in UHD, and the tentative answer is — Yes, I do plan to cap it, preferably in UHD, while it airs 😀

Tentative because if my finances change drastically, or if web hosting costs go up, I may have to switch to a smaller/cheaper hosting plan which would mean I won’t have the disk space anymore to host HOTD and GOT galleries. HOTD alone uses over 25GB of disk space and GOT over 200GB. I have a 300GB disk space hosting plan. And tentative also because I’m a spoonie and worse case, Crohn’s Disease and/or migraine may put me out of action for a while when they’re at their worst. But yes, if all goes as I hope and plan and nothing gets in my way, I will be capping HOTD season 2 in UHD.

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