Random Notes
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Random Notes

  • It’s the first cool day of the summer!!! 😀  I’m so happy – I can breathe again! Forecast says it should be like this until Saturday when it’ll start to climb day by day until it’s again 30 on Tuesday next week. I just hope there won’t another stretch of uninterrupted heatwave for another month or month and a half going into August.
  • This site seems slow/unresponsive today. Hope it’s nothing serious. Activated Cloudflare again on all sites – it seems to get slow after a couple of months every time, so I’ll deactivate it for a while, and when I reactivate, it’s good again.
  • My laptop seems slower after the last couple of Windows 10 updates, and the mouse got sort of jerky after the latest update. Trying to decide if I should re-install Windows 10 from scratch but I don’t really want to. I wonder if it’s that my laptop is getting too unpowerful for Windows 10 (according to the minimum specs for W10 it shouldn’t be anywhere near too weak) or if it’s just the typical Windows crap when it has upgraded itself to a new version multiple times like has happened before and installing the newest version cleanly always solved that. It’s stupid – I’ve installed multiple upgrades of Linux Mint when it offers them, and Mint never gets weird and buggy and jerky – it’s as smooth as ever.
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Hot Weather + Sites May Go On Hiatus

It’s been a miserable summer since May. It’s been hot nearly all the time – both “hot-for-me” and legitimately hot, and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. Yesterday was 32 (Celcius), today it’s promised to be 33 with no cloud. I just barely made it through yesterday, today stretches long and torturous in front of me. It’ll feel like dying.

I can’t even think of tomorrow yet.

It’s promised to stay well above 25 for the next 10 days, but hopefully that gets adjusted downwards to something more normal as the days go by.

My migraine is bad and getting worse, and also I’m feeling just bad overall due the bright sun and the constant heat. I’ve reached the limit of my ability to stand the heat for this year, and now it’s taking all I have to just exist. I don’t know that I’m able to work much on my sites or anything online until the heat is over. So this is your Hiatus warning. It things go well, I’ll be back to normal later this month but it may just as well be end of August or early September before I have energy for anything beyond surviving. Totally depends on the weather now.

I’m writing this at 5.30AM and it feels weird. I’m not a morning person (at all!) but these days mornings are the only time of day I can breathe and feel normal for a couple of hours. That’s when I have to do all the household work and grocery shopping and such right now.

Hey Finnish Summer, I’m ready for you to go back to normal! Cold and gray, rain and all!