Tutorial: Mass Downloading From Coppermine

I frequently get questions about mass downloading Coppermine, and finally decided to make a tutorial about it instead of writing it up each and every time it’s needed on various sites of mine  🙂

The easiest way is the use Bulk Image Downloader to download by the album – it’ll only grab the full size images (be sure to increase the number of scanned pages to something like 200 in the configuration page – check the page count of the album with the most screencaps to find out that number). But it’s not freeware, so you can also use a download manager of your choosing, or a browser extension such as DownloadThemAll! by entering the Coppermine server directories and download there. You’ll have to do it episode by episode, and either set your program to either not download the thumbnails, or alternately delete the thumbnails from your hard drive once done.

Directory URLs for batch download:

  • **Gallery URL**/albums/

The gallery URL will look something like https://gameofthrones.so-obsessed.com so the albums directory would be https://gameofthrones.so-obsessed.com/albums/ 

If any of the directories show an index warning or blank page (they shouldn’t) let me know and I’ll fix it.