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elcome to So Obsessed!
This is where you can find my fan arts and other creations. I love making fandom wallpapers and writing fanfic, and I also make icons, FocusWriter skins and assorted other things. Please have a look around and I hope you enjoy your visit!
Posted by Ariane on March 13, 2016

My fanfic is up again. It this long because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do it – I kept hoping AO3 or eFic5 would be released, or the WordPress Plugin (which turned out to be… not good) in hopes that I could use something other than the old eFiction, but no such luck so the old eFiction it is.

Posted by Ariane on October 29, 2015

I made a new wallpaper one of my this month’s goals at allthingsfandom@livejournal and here it is:

Photo: Gotham season 2 promo
Textures: listed here


Posted by Ariane on October 13, 2015

Made this wallpaper for the Fan Swap challenge at allthingsfandom@livejournal. I got the tv series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries which is great because it’s one of my favorite and delightful with the costuming etc.


Screencap: me
Textures: so-ghislaine @ deviantart

Posted by Ariane on September 10, 2015

One of my goals for Challenge #9: Goal Achieved at allthingsfandom@livejournal was to make at least one new wallpaper this month. This is that wallpaper. I had just recapped The Mummy Returns and I felt the urge to do something with that again after a long while. I’m very happy with the end result 😀 I hope you like it as well!

Screencap: me
Textures: credited here



Posted by Ariane on July 26, 2015

Made a new wallpaper, featuring McQueen (James Morrison) from Space: Above And Beyond 😀

Also made it into a FocusWriter theme, and another new theme as well:

The themes are available to download at