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I’m An Idiot

I was trying to delete a Tumblr sideblog and like a total idiot… deleted my main Tumblr instead. Sigh. *head desk*

Unfortunately that means my Xena Warrior Princess and Zahn McClarnon and all the other sideblogs were deleted too. *head desk x1000*

Not sure I’ll re-create them, it’s just too much work. I’ll propably just post all things at instead.

Tricia Helfer In Van Helsing 4.07 Metamorphosis
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Tricia Helfer In Van Helsing 4.07 Metamorphosis

Loved seen Tricia Helfer in Van Helsing and couldn’t resist capping her from her first appearance in 4.07 Metamorphosis.

Tricia Helfer Screencaps – Van Helsing 4.07 Metamorphosis

411 screencaps of Tricia Helfer from Van Helsing episode 4.11 Metamorphosis.

Download format: zip

Size: 51.9 MB


5 New Wallpapers
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5 New Wallpapers

Was on a roll today, made 5(!!) new wallpapers 😀 In order: a Wraith Queen from Stargate Atlantis, Chrisjen Avasarala from The Expanse, 2x The Female Romuland Commander from Star Trek TOS and Tyrus Cassius McQueen from Space: Above And Beyond.

Very happy with all of these but especially with the SGA and S:AAB ones! It’s funny how things go sometimes – I set out to do a Vansen wallie for S:AAB but it didn’t just clicked, so swapped out Vansen’s pic with McQueen and it was there! Like it belonged!

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I made these 10 icons in 2015 and 2017 and I’ve been sitting on them ever since waiting that I’d have more icons for each fandom so I could post. But looks like I might be done with icons – except maybe making a random few few and far apart for my personal use – because I haven’t even thought about them in years. So I’m posting these now.

James Morrison (himself, Prey & Space Above And Beyond), Morena Baccarin (Gotham), Jeri Ryan (Star Trek VOY), Nana Visitor (Star Trek DS9), Star Trek TOS quest-star from episode Space Seed, Eric Close and Megan Ward from Dark Skies, and Oded Fehr (The Mummy Returns).