Friday 5 for February 17: Bother!
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Friday 5 for February 17: Bother!

And answers to this week’s questions over at

1. When did you last put honey on or in something?

I’m not sure; it was either when I baked bread rolls, or in Rooibos tea. It’s been a while either way!

2. How do you handle a bad mood?

I try to watch a comedy that always makes me laugh (examples: The Golden Girls, Soap, Get Smart!), or putter around with my watercolors. If my head can handle it, listen to music. Anything that feels like might distract me.

3. Which Winnie-the-Pooh character do you most identify with?

I hardly remember these… The only character I remember is Winnie-the-Pooh and I don’t have any kind of special connection to the that character or stories. I remember liking them but that’s about it.

4. Which Winnie-the-Pooh character would you best get along with?

See the answer to #3.

5. What’s your favorite way to do nothing?

Just simply to sit and chat about whatever (no heavy stuff or at least not much and not for long) with with my Mom in her garden in the summer when the weather is just right, or my best friend in a cafe or at my place. It’s so rare to just be able to sit and chat without having to do something and just enjoy being together.

The Friday Five for February 17, 2023
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The Friday Five for February 17, 2023

Answers to this week’s questions at Livejournal.

1.You’ve been home from vacation for a week now, what still needs to get done?

I don’t go on trips enough to have for this questions to apply to me in any true way – I’ve never been on a vacation trip, truly. Simply because the two trips I’ve taken as an adult were when I was unemployed so they didn’t feel like a vacation and also don’t count as one because I still had all the same job hunting duties during the trip as normally. I’d had to have cut my 5-day trip short if an employer had wanted to interview me during that time or something, but luckily that didn’t happen so I could enjoy London for all five days.

I suppose I might have some articles of clothing I wore on the trip in need of a wash still if I hadn’t run a washer cycle for that type of clothing yet since coming back, but that’s about the only thing I can think of.

2. Have you detected any signs of Spring/Fall yet?

Days have started to get brighter earlier and for longer. Otherwise it’s the normal, slushy winter weather here.

3. How often do you check the batteries in your smoke alarm?

Not often enough! I try to do it a couple of times a year. The sound is so awful that I can’t bring myself to do it more often because my head rings for a while after and might trigger a migraine attack.

4. How is your weekend looking?

Just my normal at home. Quiet. Planning on watching season 2 of Soap which is a comedy tv series I adore. I got my 5th COVID-19 vaccine shot on Friday; this was the bivalent vaccine which is by a different company than the previous four I’ve been given, so there might be more or different side effects than before. Writing this on Saturday… so far only a sore jab spot and some headache that may be vaccine related or just my normal chronic migraine related. ButI’m planning on taking it easy just in case for the weekend.

5. What could really stand to be replaced in your home right now?

The couch and the fridge.

Jo’s Daily Questions – February 17-28, 2023
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Jo’s Daily Questions – February 17-28, 2023

Jo over at Dreamwidth put together a list of daily questions for 2023 again  🙂 Here’s my answers to February 17-28  questions.

17 – My Way Day: the day where you are encouraged to do whatever you want, however you want. Have you ever treated yourself to a day like this? What did you do?

I do this a lot, in many small ways as long as it doesn’t require spending extra money. I try to give myself a chance to be creative whenever I feel like it, it makes me feel better and I just like the creative process itself.

Back when I was still working and could afford it, I used to go to a lunch restaurant (so not a restaurant restaurant – these are a little cheaper and have a more limited menu than a proper restaurant) and enjoy my favorite steak (leaf steak) once every week or every other week. I can’t afford to go to a restaurant now that I don’t work (can’t justify spending so much on a single meal even if I could *technically* afford it) and I miss being able to give myself that little treat.

18 – Battery Day: How many things in your house are unusable without batteries? (If they don’t run on mains power.)

Five.. I think. Phone, tablet, magnefying glass, food scale, human scale. Continue reading Jo’s Daily Questions – February 17-28, 2023

The Friday Five for 10 February 2023: Fruit & Veggie (Weird) Edition
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The Friday Five for 10 February 2023: Fruit & Veggie (Weird) Edition

Answers to today’s questions at thefridayfive@DW

1. What’s your favorite fruit or vegetable to look at?

I don’t have a favorite of those to look at…. but I love beautifully staged photographs of fresh strawberries! Always makes want to have some!

2. What’s your favorite juice?

Freshly squeezed orange juice.

3. What fruit tree would you like to have in your yard?

None really because it’d produce too much fruit for me to use them all, and make for work. My Mom has one apple tree (she’s always eaten lots of apples, so when she moved somewhere with a backyard where she could plant an apple tree, she immediately got one) and it makes so much fruit that in addition to giving me lots of apples, her and her SO eating lots and lots of them just as-is, making dozens of pies with them, she also has to make jam just to use them all up! I’m grateful – her apple jam is by far the best jam I’ve ever tasted and has put me off all the store bought jams now, but having a fruit tree is an awful lot of work IMO and I don’t care for fruit anywhere close enough to want to do that.

4. What vegetable name do you think makes the best nickname?

In English – pumpkin. In Finnish – none. The Finnish words aren’t nicknamey to me.

5. What fruits and vegetables would your personal “fruit hat” contain?

Apple, pineapple, orange, banana, grapes, strawberries