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November 2, 2022   No Comment   Blog, Memes & Asks, Personal

Answers to Jo’s daily questions for November 1-15, 2022.


1. What immature behavior have you displayed recently?

Nothing irl, but so much just in general in online fandom, always to do with shipping.

2. What are some very salty foods you enjoy?

Potato chips. Mettwurst.

3. What are some major global events that have occurred during your lifetime?

Well, the COVID-19 pandemic, obviously.
Mobile and then smart phones.
Russia’s attack in Ukraine.
The fall of Berlin Wall.
Several recessions

4. The restaurant is out of your favorite salad dressing. What do you order instead?

Salad dressing isn’t a factor in my choice on what to order – I don’t even think about it. I don’t have a favorite salad dressing because I almost never use it (we didn’t use them when I was a kid and I’ve never learned). I decide the hot dish, and then side dish is whatever.

October 31, 2022   No Comment   Blog, Memes & Asks, Personal

I totally forgot again to answer to Jo’s daily October questions So here’s the whole month in one go!

1. What was the last item you returned or exchanged at a store?

It’s been such a long time since the last time that I don’t remember exactly what it was! But it would’ve been some kind of clothing.

2. What’s an unlikely movie sequel you’d like to see?

I don’t know that there’s any… I tend to feel that good movies don’t need a sequel because they’re complete as they are. And often when there is a sequel, it’s a lot worse than the previous movie.

3. Do you tend to read reviews of films or TV shows that you’re considering watching? What about reviews of books or albums? How much influence might a good or bad review have on you?

Not usually, no! I want to watch the first one or two episodes on my own to form my own opinion and only then seek out reviews to see what others thought about those eps. But if one of my fave actors is starring in a movie/tv show, then I like to read a general write up about it and see what they think of my fave’s performance, or an interview with her/him about the work before watching it. I try to avoid spoilers!

October 28, 2022   No Comment   Blog, Memes & Asks, Personal

Answers to this week’s question at thefridayfive @ Dreamwidth. Image from Pixabay because pretty and I do enjoy some tea!


1. Do you like spicy food?

Not really, I’m a rather picky eater in all aspects. I do like a little spicy meal every now and then, but nothing overwhelming or that covers the other flavors.

2. Do you like your cereal crunchy or soggy?

I don’t usually have cereal, but when I do, I prefer it crunchy.

3. Do you like ice in your drinks?

Not usually. Maybe on a very hot heat wave day sometimes.

I don’t drink alcoholic drinks, but if I did, I think I’d like ice in them.

4. What is the strangest thing you have eaten?

Like I said I’m a rather picky eater and although I’m better about it now, I still don’t eat strange things because they always also look weird/suspicious/strange and that’s a nope. When I was a kid, I loved to dip very thin slices of meetvursti (mettwurst, salami, pepperoni? I think in English) in either strawberry or banana yoghurt (and still do sometimes!) and I’ve been told that’s strange and weird!

5. What food would you like to eat right this minute?

A glass of very, very cold milk and a fresh banana that isn’t at all green anymore but also is not at all over-ripe yet either but is just perfect instead.


October 24, 2022   No Comment   Blog, Fansite news, Information

Support for PHP 7.4 is ending in just over a month, so I’ve upgraded this site and https://houseofthedragon.so-obsessed.com to current stable php release and everything appears to be working as it should! I don’t see any errors. Once I’m sure everything’s OK, I’ll upgrade the other sites as well. If you see any errors that don’t get fixed in a day or so, please let me know so I can look into it!

Feels like I just upgraded everything to 7.x… I remember that there were a lot of little eFiction and Coppermine code changes that I needed to make, and for the themes and plugins as well, after the upgrade to 7. Feels like all that was just yesterday! Funny how time goes.

Made a wallpaper of Tar-Miriel from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.