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Feb 23, 2024

Question of the Day – February 2024

Question of the Day – February 2024

This year spiffikins at Dreamwidth put together daily questions for the year 😀 

1. Are We Becoming ‘Numb’ to School Shootings?

In Finland? No. I think we’ve only had 5 incidents of violence in schools that led to deaths and only two of those were gun violence. So school shootings are not a common occurrence here and we’re not getting numb about about them.

2. What Words Do You Hate?

I don’t hate any words.

3. What Recent Events Will Most Likely Be Featured in History Museums Someday?

COVID-19. Continue reading

Feb 23, 2024

The Friday Five for 23 February 2024

The Friday Five for 23 February 2024

Today’s questions at thefridayfive@DW

1. Your favorite book?

Still can’t name one above all others! And these can change place sometimes too!

Whispers by Dean R. Koontz – been my favorite since I was about 10, but recently I’m not sure it’s actually by its own merits or because of family memories attached. My Dad, who had recently been diagnosed with cancer, who didn’t read a lot, was on sick leave and needed something to spend time on, and he started reading more. He liked this book so much that I read it too! I loved it so much that then Mom (who has always read a lot like me) read it too just because Dad and me had enjoyed it so much. Ever since Dean R. Koontz became an writer that we all read, and Mom and me continue to read to this day. It was something 25+ year tradition – only stopped because around 2011 they stopped making translations into Finnish and Mom can’t read English, so now I’m the only one who reads them anymore. And even I have been losing taste for Koontz’s books. The several last ones feel very formulaic, and like there’s always the same kind of family the focus with a genious or a supernatural kid. But his 1980s/1990s books are good!

Seveneves by Neal Stephenson – this book stuck with me in a way few other works have. I read it twice in a short period of time, and I’ll read it a third time in not too distand future. The disaster, hard survival, evolution of humanity just caught me hook, line and sinker. This is the book that got me interested in modern hard scifi. I never could sustain interest while trying to read Asimov or whatever classics.

The Expanse book series by James S. A. Corey – love the mystery and the adventure and the space travel and techonology that is totally different from things like Star Trek or Star Wars.

2. Your favorite movie?

I can’t name one that is above all the others! More like by genre. To name a few:

Scifi/horror: Alien/Aliens (in my mind these two are sort of one)

Scifi/action: The Terminator

History/drama/action/romance: The Last of the Mohicans

History/musical/drama: The Piano

Sometimes these also change if I’ve recently re-watched some old favorite!

3. Your least favorite adaptation of a book to a movie?

I’ve hated all the movie adaptions made of Dean R. Koontz’s novels. Badly scripted, badly acted, badly shot and badly directed with low production values.

4. Your least favorite adaptation ever of anything to a movie?

Same as #3.

5. Your first ever novel/comic book/movie character crush?

Novel: I can’t remember. Mom read to me since I was a baby and I’m sure I had a crush on a character when I was tiny, considering how things have gone since. First I think I remember, maybe, was Julian (although he is called Leo in the Finnish editions so he’s Leo to me) from The Famous Five by Enid Blyton. Maybe.

Comic book: Silver Arrow from the Silver Arrow comics.

I don’t remember a movie crush, but here’s the first tv crush I think I remember: Robin from the 1984 UK tv series Robin of Sherwood.

Feb 23, 2024

Friday 5 for February 23: Noms

Friday 5 for February 23: Noms

Today’s questions at f.riday5.com!

1. What’s the strangest food you’ve eaten out of a can?

I don’t eat strange foods! And I don’t eat a lot of canned foods – just some fruits (mainly peaches or pineapple) and meatballs-in-a-brown-sauce a few times a year.

2. What food most recently made you ill?

I can’t remember – thankfully! It’s been a while now that my Crohn’s Disease is under much better control.

But one time I’ll always remember was sometime in the summer of 2008 when I had gallstones. There was this one day when I ate fresh strawberries with kuohukerma (I think that’s double cream in English). The cream caused a really bad gallstone attack late that night, so bad that if I hadn’t known I’d likely been having gallstones attacks that summer I would thought I was having a heart attack. (I was waiting for the gall bladder ultrasound but that’s what my doctor thought was happening to me). After that, I didn’t eat anything with fatty cream and avoided fatty foods in general until after the removal of my gall bladder!

3. What movie makes you really want to eat?

No movie makes me want to eat, but any novel that describes a cheese sandwich does! It always sounds so delicious! But then when I make one myself, it’s never so good.

4. What haven’t you eaten in a really, really long time?

There are so many things! I’m rather picky, have a rather set selection of foods I usually buy. I don’t eat many common things just simply because I’m neutral/not interested in them when I’m buying food and cooking for myself. They are not bad or anything, just meh. But the one thing I sort of miss is cucumber even though it’s never been a staple of mine – the prices went ridiculous and right out of my budget a year or two ago when the inflation set in. Same with tomatoes but I don’t miss those as much.

5. What did you most recently eat in a moving vehicle?

I don’t have even the foggiest of when the last time might’ve been, it’s been so long. I don’t have the need because I’m never away from home, restaurant or my Mom’s long enough, or have so little time between thingies, that I have to eat on the move. I drink water on the move for thirst, and sometimes have to take my meds on the move, but no need to eat.

I usually eat home, or at Mom’s if I’m visiting. But mainly at home. The last time I ate in an unusual place (a hospital cafe) was a couple of years ago, when I had blood work done early in the morning and and had to fast for that for 12 hours, and then had a meeting with someone an hour after the labs in the same hospital and knew that meeting might take more than an hour, and then I had to do grocery shopping still so it would take too long to get breakfast if I waited until I got back home. So I had breakfast in the hospital cafe while waiting for the meeting.

Feb 16, 2024

The Friday Five for February 16, 2024

The Friday Five for February 16, 2024

Answers to this week’s questions at thefridayfive@DW

1. Have you ever been the president of anything?


2. What do you think is the most important leadership trait?

Well, the current far-right goverment is giving us a master class example of what politics look like when “there is no place for empathy in politics”. So, I’m saying empathy.

3. What time period did you find the most interesting to learn about in history class?

I can’t choose. I loved learning about Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Mayans, Incas, the Aztecs… really, about the only thing I didn’t love learning history about was anything after the year 1900. Some of after-1900 I also found interesting but didn’t love it. I hated school but history was probably my most least hated subject at school and I loved learning pretty much all that we were taught.

4. What’s something you think about doing, but you haven’t gotten back into in several years?

Biking. I keep thinking how quickly I could bike to places like the grocery or my Mom’s. Also it’d be easier to carry heavy shopping bags and so could take the bike instead of the bus. The bags are usually too heavy to carry and the walk home just too long with them. I’d probably have re-learn how to bike though because I haven’t even tried biking in 20+ years and don’t own one.

5. If you could add one more random holiday to February, what would it be?

To be honest: I wouldn’t. There’s already Runebergin päivä (Runeberg’s day, not a holiday from work/school but special day and special cakes in shops), laskiainen (um, Shrovetide? also not a holiday from work/school, but a special day with laskiaispulla (sweet bun with traditionally raspberry jam or almond paste filling and whipped cream filling) possibly with hot chocolate and sledding if enough snow on the ground) and then at the end of the month, the winter holiday from schools. So February is already busy enough with specialness!

Feb 10, 2024

Friday 5 for February 9: Insert coin

Answers to today’s questions at f.riday5.com

1. How do you feel about vending machine food?

I don’t. I can’t even remember seeing a vending machine for decades now. I’m sure there must be some somewhere, just not where I usually go like the gastro department in the hospital I go to or the health station. And if there’s vending machines where I go, I haven’t noticed them because there’s at least one grocery nearby everywhere I go and often several, so of course I’d buy from the groceries because it’s cheaper.

The only place I regularly see vending machines in are US tv series and movies.

2. Where on this planet is the vending machine you’ve given the most money?

I don’t have clear memories of ever buying anything from a vending machine, just a few very faint ones. I don’t buy from vending machines, they don’t feature in any way in my life. There might have been once or twice, I have a faint feeling, that I probably bought a 0,5 litre bottle of Seven Up or a Jaffa at the Helsinki train station vending machine once or twice when I was traveling between my library studies city and home city for the weekend so it would’ve been 30 years ago now. I was raised to bring everything I need with me, including drinks and food, when at all possible. Because buying from the grocery is always cheaper than buying from a vending machine.

I’m also sure when I was a little kid, around 10, and we toured Finland during two summers, staying at camping areas in our tent, that we used to buy some drinks from the vending machines in those camping areas. But it never was something we did a lot and was more of a small treat and not a routine thing.

3. Have you ever purchased a non-food, non-beverage item from a vending machine?

I don’t remember/have a feeling of ever buying anything but drinks from a vending machine. Vending machines really don’t feature in my life.

4. Where’s the nearest vending machine right now, and what would you get from it if you were to go immediately?

No idea and nothing. There are a couple of groceries and kiosks near me that I’d go to if I needed something immediately (or ever).

5. What would you like to see in a vending machine?

I don’t care.