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Mar 30, 2024

The Friday Five for 29 March 2024

The Friday Five for 29 March 2024


1. Rice or potatoes?


2. Fish or red meat?

I don’t prefer one over the other, but I only eat like two kinds of fish (smoked salmon and fish sticks and the kind of fish used in “fish and chips” in the UK). But really, both fish and red meat are mostly too expensive these days to eat things like steaks every week. But minced meat in a macaroni casserole that lasts for 4-5 days is okay price-wice.

Smoked salmon is very expensive so it’s in the treat department and I usually only buy it once a month, and still only if the price is under a certain amount.

3. Salad or cooked vegetables?

Salad and I need to be able to choose which vegetables go into it. And still I prefer them laid out separately, instead mixed together in a salad. I don’t like cooked vegetables (texture and feel) except when they are made into a smooth soup.

4. Cake or ice cream?

Really depends on the kind of cake it is! If it’s a bundt cake, probably ice cream. But if it’s a layer cake with whipped cream topping and whipped cream + fruits or strawberries filling, then the cake.

5. Water, soft drink, wine, beer, or hard alcohol?

I don’t drink alcohol, and soft drinks can get boring if I drink them too often, so water it is. And water is best when I’m qenuinely thirsty.

Mar 22, 2024

The Friday Five for 22 March 2024

The Friday Five for 22 March 2024

The Friday Five for 22 March 2024 https://thefridayfive.dreamwidth.org/124924.html

1. What is your native language?


2. Do you speak any other languages? Which ones?

I read and write English fluently, and speak it less so (don’t need to speak it much so I haven’t had the practice to get fluent).

Learning Swedish all through the school and vocational school/university is mandatory, but I can’t speak it and can only read it with very great difficulty, with a dictionary, up to a certain point. Nowadays, after having watched so many Swedish crime tv series, I can understand enough to get the gist of the thing, say, when I watch the news, but for anything longer and more in depth, I need subtitles.

I also studied French for two years in school in 1988-89, but other than saying my name or asking what time it is, I can’t speak it or understand it.

3. How difficult is it for you to learn or understand new languages?

English was very easy but Swedish was very difficult and I never really got the gist of it. French was somewhere in between and the pronunciation was the most difficult part. Our French teacher was very particular that we’d learn to pronounce it well.

4. If you were going to study a new foreign language, which would you want to learn?

I’d re-start learning French. There are a couple of books that I’d love to read which haven’t been translated to English nor Finnish. Once of them has been translated into Swedish, but I can’t read the language well enough to manage to get through the book – I tried!

5. How are you at reading subtitles in foreign films?

It’s the norm for me. Subtitles for foreign films and tv shows are the norm here (except for the movies/tv shows for babies and kindergarteners which are dubbed in Finnish). The majority of (fictional) tv shows and movies shown on television here are foreign here, so you learn to read subtitles as a tiny kid if you watch practically any television almost by accident. I also want subtitles for Finnish things because the actors always mumble and/or the audio work/sound effects drown out the dialogue. I generally use English subtitles for English and other language things because they are often easier to find than Finnish subtitles (and the Finnish translation is sometimes really bad on more obscrure things).

About 20 years ago, YLE tested dubbing The Bold and The Beautiful in Finnish for two weeks (an episode was shown every day), and the outcry was loud. Nobody wanted dubbing! Everyone, including me, thought it was horrible – original audio always, please!

Friday 5 for March 22: Initial here http://f.riday5.com/2024/03/22/friday-5-for-march-22-initial-here/

1. What do you remember about your first camera?

I’ve only ever owned one camera myself and only had it for a few years before phones with cameras became a thing. The only thing I truly remember is that I took a lot of photos with it on my first trip to London in 1997 or was it 1998. I’m not sure – I might still actually have it lolling around somewhere. I have no memory at all whether I’ve gotten rid of it or not.

I never took much photos before the phone cameras.

2. What do you remember about your first cell phone?

The very first cell phone I ever used was my best friend’s Ericson – I had it for about a year before deciding that yes, cell phones were cool and wanted my own. My friend loaned the Ericson to me in 1999, as she had gotten a newer cell phone from her family as I recall (her father was something of a technology enthusiast), also an Ericson, I think.

The first cell phone I actually owned was a Nokia 3210 (mine was the silver/gray color pictured in that link), and I asked for this particular model as a birthday gift from my Mom! I LOVED that phone – it’s was the best cell phone of the basic three cell phones I had before I got my first smart phone and probably the best I’ve ever had. It just fit perfectly my hand and was so comfortable to hold, and the calls never had any trouble and I loved the way it looked and the color. The other two basic cell phones I had were the Nokia 3510 (the beige/orange color shown in this link) which was my second one, and I think the third one was a Nokia 6300 but I’m not completely sure – it looks like the one I had quite a lot but not entirely but that just might be color in the picture (mine was black/silver) and the model number feels familiar and the buttons certainly look like it. I didn’t like this third cell phone at all! It was too thin, too narrow, too short, the buttons were situated too low and it was just damn uncomfortable to hold and use. The previous two phones I had for 3-4 years, but this one I had only for 1,5-2 years, unhappy with it the entire time and that spurred me on to get my first smart phone in 2009, a year or two sooner than I otherwise might have.

3. What do you remember about your first radio?

Nothing. I had my own radio/casette player as far back as I can remember as a kid (I listed to music literally every waking second) – I do remember we had to buy a new one every few years because they’d would always start to break my tapes and ruin them. I used them so much.

I’ve never actually bought a radio for myself! I don’t listen to radio, and my Mom bought a stereo tower for me, with an LP player, radio, 2-casette decks and a 5-cds player. I still have that stereo tower and all th parts except for the casette decks still work great, so what with that tower and smart phones and computers and laptops, I’ve never needed to buy a radio. Not to mention, I never ever listen to radio. I don’t even have the stations saved in the stereo tower.

4. What do you remember about your first countertop kitchen appliance (or device)?

I’m not sure what this means? The first I ever kitchen appliance bought myself was an electric hand mixer and I bought it pretty much the first week I ever lived alone, after I had moved to Vantaa while starting the library studies. But the hand mixer never lives on top of the counter, but in the cupboard. On top of the counter, I have a microwave oven, an electric kettle (and a broken stand mixer I should get rid of). But the only reason they are on the top of the counter is because in a small apartment there aren’t enough room in the cupboards for them. If I could, I’d put them out of sight. I’m pretty sure that my previous microwave oven was the first one to actually live on the top of counter – I bought it when I moved into my apartment in 1998 from my childhood home and it worked great for about 20 years. I lived alone in my childhood home for a couple of years because Mom moved in with her SO; we had a microwave oven in my childhood home but it was from 1980s and so big, that we saw that my new home didn’t have enough countertop room for it (there was too little right from the start – the curse of small apartments). So I bought a new, smaller one immediately after the move.

5. What do you remember how to do from your first job?

My very first job ever was wrapping Christmas work-place-gifts for my Mom’s then-work-place’s employees. This took 3 nights of a week in November/December, about 4-5 hours an evening and I did it for two or three Christmases. My school day would end at either 2pm or 3pm and I’d go straight from school to Mom’s work by bus, gift wrap their gifts until 8pm and then take the bus home. It was a nice income for a few hours of easy work for a teenager! It was in 1988-1989 but I think I still benefit from having to wrap so many presents in such a sort time even to this day by having more agile fingers and having the forethought to think about what I’m doing first before doing it to streamline the process and make it sensible.

Mar 16, 2024

The Friday Five for 15 March 2024

The Friday Five for 15 March 2024

Asnwers to this week’s questions at thefridayfive@Dreamwidth

1) What’s normal March weather like in your area?

Windy, rainy, snowy, slushy, gray, freezing, warmish.

2) Are you following any spring sports?

I don’t follow any sports ever, so nope.

3) What’s a summer wardrobe staple you haven’t had out since last season (or if you’re southern hemisphere, answer this for winter)?

Summer weight (read: thin, airy and light) shorts and culotte pants.

4) What’s your favorite spring break memory?

I don’t have memories that I can for sure say happened on a spring break. But I hated school so I was always just delighted when I didn’t have to go and waited for all breaks like a treasure.

5) How do you feel about daylight savings time?

Hate it. I want it to stop and preferably winter time becoming the norm. But I just really, really want switching clocks to stop entirely and don’t mid if it’s summer time that’s chosen as the time that stays as long as it stops. But winter time is my preference.

Mar 3, 2024

Health Update and More

Health Update and More

I think this is going to be long! My health update, rehab and thoughts about Mom’s SO broken hip’s treatment. Basically, two what-the-fucks and two mostly on the positive side!


I’ve been having a difficult start of the year. In early January everything was still normal (well, my normal – not good, but okay and I could deal with it for the most part). But the week starting with January 22, 2024 I’ve been feeling bad and uncomfortable so much! My sleep problems went back to insomnia – that week started with the 22nd, I slept only every other night. Then the night before Monday next and Tuesday, I didn’t sleep at all either night. And of course it was just when I supposed to partake in a TE-toimisto mandated short job seeker’s course – which meant I had to go get doctor’s/nurses notes for Tuesday and Wednesday, after somehow managing to get through Monday course day with restlessness, migraine and terrible exhaustion. Continue reading

Mar 3, 2024

Friday 5 for March 1: Whoa whoa whoa feelings

Friday 5 for March 1: Whoa whoa whoa feelings

This week’s questions at f.riday5.com

1. What makes you feel pleasantly young?

So I always feel young! I never feel old or even middle-aged… is that weird? I’m always surprised when I remember that my age starts now with “4-something”. And this year I get to be surprised every time I realize that on my next birthday I’ll be 50! 😯 😀 

Inside myself, I always just feel the same way I felt when I was 16. Although I recognize I’ve changed and matured in many respects, in many ways I still just feel just the same as when I was 16, 18 or 25 or whatever.

2. What makes you feel pleasantly, uh, seasoned?

That I can see many sides to issues, and everything is not black & white. I used to be very black & white person about the things that mattered to me.

When I realize 1995 was 30 years ago – I always feel it was just a few years ago!

Whenever I realize I’m so much more comfortable in my own skin now than I was before my mid-30s.

3. What makes you feel optimistic?

Marin’s government (the previous government) made be feel optimistic because of its left-leaning politics and policies. I felt like the poor, the sick and the unemployed (meaning: people like me!) were seen as people and persons in their own right and that human rights belong to us too. And that Finland had a good future ahead of us. All that went away with Orpo’s government 👿

Star Trek TNG (and 1960-1990s Star Trek in general!) makes me feel optimistic. In recent years I’ve realized I’ve based my human values and vision for the future very much on how humanity and Federation is portrayed in TNG.

4. What makes you feel competent?

Lately it’s been realizing my reading comprehension is a lot better than many other people’s, particularly when it comes to bureaucratic texts such as KELA’s decisions letters. So many people post asking “I got this decision from KELA. I don’t understand what it says – what does it mean?” but to me the text they are puzzled about is crystal clear, just formulated in a bureaucratic way.

I think it’s because I read so much and always have, and I have my parents, particularly my Mom, to thank for this! It makes life much easier. I read in several genres, both fiction and non-fiction, and in Finnish and English. And I write myself too, I bet that helps as well.

Few years ago, KELA had a project to go through and re-word all their texts in a less bureaucratic manner. I’m not sure how well it worked – I personally think that now it takes longer to get to the actual decision (yes or no) in some of their decision letters, but it could be that I’m still used to the old format due to having had to deal with that for literally over 20 years.

5. What makes you happy to be alive?

Whenever I hear great music, read an interesting book or a fic, and when I do crafts or art (particularly physical – not in Photoshop) myself. And of course, being with my Mom or best friend!