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May 10, 2024

The Friday Five for 10 May 2024

Answers to today’s questions at

1) What are your five favorite birds?

I don’t care much about birds, to be honest. The birds local to Finland all have such boring colors (drab brown and gray and maybe kinda barely there yellow) that I can’t muster interest. I do like watching documentaries and photos of colorful tropical birds such as listed at

2) What are your five favorite pet-type animals?

Just one really: Dogs! I like dogs a lot, and I LOVE beagles! The only pet I’d like to have is a dog or two, and maybe a cat. I don’t care for other types.

3) What are your five favorite wild animals that live in your locale?

I don’t have favorites as such (I don’t care enough) but lynx are pretty cool! And foxes.

4) What are your five favorite zoo animals that you always want to visit?

The giraffes and the big cats are always a highlight for me! And birds, but only if there’s a lot of colorful pretty exotic birds. And zeepras are cool too! And crocodiles – they’re so scary but fascinating and I like seeing them safely from the other side.

I also really like aquariums – the ones I’ve visited have made me feel like I’m under the sea, and a few times when we’ve been there soon after opening in the morning, it’s been wonderfully quiet and peaceful because the crowds haven’t arrived yet and there’s only been like a dozen of other visitors around at the most.

5) What are your five favorite cryptids that may or may not be extinct, may or may not exist in this world?

I don’t think I have five but… Loch Ness Monster. Mothman. Sea snakes.

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