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Tooth Removal

I had the dentist’s appointment today, and he didn’t even try to convince me to have root canal instead of removing the tooth 😀 So the first of the two teeth is out now 🙂 Took 55 minutes (which is interesting, because a friend of mine had her wisdom teeth removed, 2 of them at one time, and she said it took like 10 minutes.

The dentist said my bone is so strong, that it doesn’t want to give up the teeth. The teeth broke, and he spent like half an hour removing the bit that was left.

At first it was a little uncomfortable, but he gave me so much local anaesthetic that once it really took hold, I didn’t feel much of anything but tugging/pushing/pulling and heard the drilling. It’s still on, but I wonder how much it’ll hurt after the anaesthetic ends.

The second teet will be removed in July, and this time is a 6o minute appoitment 🙂

I had all my wisdom tooth removed over 20 years ago when I was a teenager; I can’t remember if it was as hard work then as it was now. I had 4 of them; they took two on  one time and the other two on another.

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  1. Ohohoho, I have the same difficult teeth! I have one tooth removed so far (and I am 29 years old now) and it was long time I was sitting on dentist chair 😀

    I should removing second tooth, next to already removed but I am afraid 😉

    1. Yeah, removing teeth isn’t fun! Just try to gather your courage and get it removed – it’s better to remove it than have it get infected, or grow wrong or anything like that because then it’ll really hurt already before removing it! My other one is scheduled for July 5, and although I’m not exactly looking forward to it, I’m glad because I worry it’ll get infected and starts to hurt!

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