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Dec 31, 2022

The Friday Five for Dec 30, 2022

The last thefridayfive questions of 2022!

1. What was the best thing that happened to you this year

I survived it?

2. What are you looking forward to next year?

To get the bloody biological father inheritance thing solved, over and done with!

3. Will you be doing anything special to ring in the New Year?

Nope. I haven’t slept well the past week, and last night only got three hours of sort-of sleep, so I’ll be just waiting that the fireworks are over hopefully no later than 1-2am so I can go to bed. I’ll be watching some old tv shows: The Golden Girls and Wire on the Blood to pass the time, and re-uploading my 4K Game of Thrones screencaps.

4. What would you like to see more of next year?

I don’t know… I wish I’ll have more energy to do ordinary things like take walks and make home cooked meals. And that I’ll sleep well. I always wish for these things because they’re not happenign much.

5. What was your best New Year’s Eve ever?

I’m not one for New Year’s Eve festivities because of the loud fireworks and the crowds easily lead to migraine for me. So there’s no “best ever”. But there are two fond memories:

When I was a little kid, we’d light spark sticks and seek omens by melting down tin and dropping it in cold water and that was fun! Because that was something we did as a family at midnight when the year changed – I don’t remember us having parties with guests or anything like that at New Year, just Mom and Dad and me doing those two things and eating Christmas candies and chocolate and I’m pretty sure also some nice baked goods with the evening coffee (around 8pm) even though I don’t remember that clearly.

Then as an adult in my 20s, when my Mom had a dog, a Beagle, I did have Caro the Beagle over at my place a couple of times for the New Year evening and night so my Mom and her SO could go (ballroom) dancing if a dance was arranged. Caro the Beagle was scared of the fireworks, so she couldn’t be left alone this particular night even though usually it was no problem. I always loved having Caro over, but New Year was always not great for her so I was glad to be there for her and my Mom and her SO. Caro always sought out one of my closets during the fireworks night so I’d make her a nice, safe nest there and make sure my TV was on quite loudly, or play music on my stereo, and have all the curtains closed to help to drown out the worst of the fireworks. Caro was okay in the closet (but not her happy self) when the door was closed so the nights always went okay like that.

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