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Sep 12, 2022

Bad News & Good News

One bad news and one good news today:

Bad news – Mom’s hip displaced again today again 😞 Mom’s SO just called me, she’s in the hospital right now.  She had a hip replacement surgery about 1,5 years ago, and in last May it happened the first time. And now a second time 🤕 This isn’t a surprise just a disappointment; they warned her that it could happen again, and that it happens easier when it’s once happened already. They also said in May that if it happens again Mom will have a new surgery to try and fix it. So that looks likely now. And her other hip is also getting bad enough that that too needs replacement surgery sooner rather than later. Fuck frail human bodies!

Good news – the judge approved my weak-adoption-to-strong-adoption application! 💖 So now my legal status is what we’ve always thought it to be! 💖😊 I’m so happy (and stunned) it took less than a month 💖💖💖 from the date when I delivered all the necessary papers to the court to get it processed! I thought it would take months because so much is made of the courts being backlogged badly. This doesn’t help with the “heir of the biological father” thing, but now I can’t inherit my bio mother and she (or my bio family in general) can’t inherit me automatically 😊

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