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Sep 20, 2022

The Friday Five for September 16 2022

Better late than never! Answers to last Friday’s questions @ Livejournal.

1. Do you tend to remember book titles or authors the most?

Authors! When I read a book from a new-to-me author and like it a lot, I make a point to check out their other books. Just this summer I’ve had a lot of trouble with as an example, Anna Jansson’s Marian Wern books because I can’t remember which ones I’d already read from the titles alone, or even the synopsis. I haven’t been reading her books for about 6 years, and can’t remember whether I was all caught up when I stopped reading her. Also, when I read many books by the same author in a short amount of time the stories blur together and I can’t remember which title was which story. But I never really forget an author, they just get dropped or put on back burner if I get disappointed with their new stuff, or they don’t publish new stuff. But I never really forget an author.

2. Do you play any memory games to try and improve your memory?


3. What is the very first movie you remember seeing in a movie theatre?

<em>Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes</em> (1984) with Andie MacDowell and Christopher Lambert. It’s also the first movie I remember wanting to go see a second time but my Mom and Dad said no. I was 10 when it came on in the theatres and my weekly allowance wasn’t enough to pay for the ticket myself.

4. What sense do you tend to rely upon the most?

Sight, no doubt!

5. When was the last time you felt lonely and what made you feel better?

I’m not sure I ever have. I live alone (I just realized I’ve lived alone exactly 30 years this fall! Since I moved out to study library sciences at 17.) but I can’t remember ever truly feeling lonely. It’s true that sometimes I wish I had someone to share a bad thing or a happy thing with, or take care of half the financial burden on me, or to share a remark about some minor thing happy or otherwise but that’s too little/minor/transitory to make a phonecall/e-mail about it… but that’s it. I’ve often read up about how feeling lonely is for other people and it never matches with my feelings.

The closest I remember ever getting to feeling lonely was during those recesses in school when my best friend’s class (we were in different classes, but had about half our classes together due to how the two classes were divided and joined for certain subjects) had already gone home, or did the last two hours back-to-back in order to be released home a little earlier. But that was partly because we were teased (read: bullied) usually by the high schoolers sometimes (probably not even weekly but still, it wasn’t a nice experience), and it felt safer and nicer when there were two of us on the recess. So some of it was a low level fear instead of loneliness.

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