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Againt At The Dentist’s

The spot where the tooth was removed last Monday started to ache Wednesday/Thursday but I thought it was because I was starting to eat solids again and it always started after eating. But Saturday and yesterday it ached all the damn time, and then last night, it started to throb when I did some light cleaning in the bathroom because some men were coming in today to do some installations there. So I called it in today, got an appointment to check it out and good thing I did – there was an infection, the nerve endings were exposed and no sign whatsover of the blood clot that should’ve stopped that from happening D:

It was the same Dentist today who had removed it, and this time I think he directly gave me a lot more of the local anaesthesia because he only gave me one shot and still it’s just as numb as last Monday. He cleaned it out and put in some pain killer thingy that looked like foam rubber and tasted awful. He said that if the ache returns, I need to contact them again.

So now left side of my face is numb again, talking is so-and-so, eating/drinking etc. is forbidden for another hour or so – but the ache is blissfully gone! 😀

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