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House Of The Dragon Screencaps – Temp Gallery

I made a gallery for posting my House Of The Dragon screencaps! It’s a temporary one like my Game Of Thrones one was and for the same reasons. I’ll cap the show for as long as I feel like it, and as long as maintaining this big gallery doesn’t start to feel like too much. I’ll […]

Game Of Thrones 4K/UHD Screencaps Gallery – Deletion on Monday March 21, 2022

I will delete the Game Of Thrones 4K/UHD screencaps on Monday, March 21, 2022 (GMT+2 timezone). This is the final warning!

Game Of Thrones Screencaps Gallery – Deletion Delayed

Just a heads up – the Game OF Thrones 4k/UHD screencaps gallery deletion is delayed. It will be deleted once a fellow fansite owner (who owns several GOT actor fansites) has been able to download all the caps from there, he’s got two seasons left. That might take a week, or a few. I just […]

Deleting Game Of Thrones 4K/UHD Screencaps Gallery

 I’m tentatively planning on deleting the Game Of Thrones 4K/UHD gallery at the end of the February. I haven’t made the final decision yet though, but that’s what it’s looking like currently, so download all you need ASAP! If you’re interested in hosting this gallery yourself (all in all about 203GB of disk space), let […]

Game Of Thrones Gallery

June 15, 2021   4K/UHD, Blog, Game Of Thrones

I’m stunned and delighted by how many views my Game Of Thrones gallery has gotten so far! Over half a million views in only 6,5 months! I’ve owned sites that never reached even close that, even in  a decade! I thought the miserable season 8 had killed the fandom and people’s interest in the show […]