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May 21, 2021

Game Of Thrones 4K/UHD Screencaps Complete

4K/UHD screencaps from all Game Of Thrones episodes are now up! :mrgreen: 

As I said before, I’ll keep these up for as long as I can but it’s a huge site (211GB) and fills up most of my hosting plan’s disk space, and I may need that disk space for my other sites at some point later on. And also, I don’t really want to have a huge site anymore now that I’ve gotten rid of all the other huge sites I used to have. Also, if there’s a server disaster I won’t be reuploading these! I just wanted to share these caps with others so here they are!

I recommend downloading what you want as soon as possible, and you’re also welcome to upload them to your own site – just credit me and So Obsessed for them 🙂 


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