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Aug 23, 2022

House Of The Dragon Screencaps – Temp Gallery

I made a gallery for posting my House Of The Dragon screencaps! It’s a temporary one like my Game Of Thrones one was and for the same reasons.

I’ll cap the show for as long as I feel like it, and as long as maintaining this big gallery doesn’t start to feel like too much. I’ll try to give a month or two of warning if/when I decide to delete it, but might also just delete it with no warning. So check back in weekly as the show airs and download all the screencaps you want ASAP!

The screencaps will be 4K/UHD whenever possible, and it’ll probably take me a day or two to get them up after new episode airing.

1.02 The Heirs of the Dragon 4K/UHD screencaps are now up!


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