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Site Down + Possible Delays In Updates

The server hosting is currently down – my host is aware of the problem and is working on it.  FIXED!



I’m going in for my third colonoscopy on Wednesday. Which means that tomorrow, I get to do the fun fun fun empty-and-clean-out-my-bowels-by-drinking-litres-of-a-foul-tasting-medical-concoction-and-have-a-diarrhea-for-the-entire-bloody-evening-and-allthroughhopefully-only-half-the-night- thing that is required so that they can see what’s what. That fun fun fun thing, non-eating (can’t eat until the colonoscopy is done) and the colonoscopy totally wear me out, totally wear me out so that I don’t like to keep my computer on as much as I normally do once I start the fun fun fun thing, and I won’t see the error etc. notices as speedily as I normally do if there are anyso I won’t be updating my sites for the next couple of days, maybe this week at all.

If there’s a server problem or disaster or something, I’ll get to it as fast as I can but propably not until Thursday afternoon/evening my time (GTM+2).

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