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Continuing Server Problems – Solved

Because kept having problems, I was moved to a new server. Once the move was complete, I needed to update the nameservers. DNS propagation can take up to 72 hours to propagate worldwide, although it typically takes a few hours. If you’re reading this, it means you’re loading the site from the new server and everything should be working normally now!

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  1. sorry to bother, i was wondering if you offered a way to download all the caps for house of the dragon? i’m looking to icon several characters and feel like its easier to sort through them on my PC myself instead of doing it through a gallery. totally understandable if you don’t offer such service or have a way for me to get them, just thought i’d ask since your caps have been the best i’ve found so far!

  2. ddksah omg thank you so much for this tutorial!! had no idea this even existed and it will be a life changer. 😭 thank you again!!

  3. sorry to bother you again. i tried using the tutorial and bulk image downloader, but it only seems to be capturing the thumbnails. not sure if there is a step i am missing or if i’m just ancient and don’t know what i’m doing, lmao. if you could help me out, i would greatly appreciate that, but if you’re busy i totally understand!

    1. Ah, sorry, the plugin I’m using to show the images appears to be interfering with BID 🙁 I recommend using the browser extension DownThemAll! (Firefox and Chrome) and going to the directory of each episode (such as×10-TheBlackQueen/) and there to use DownThemAll! to download all the screencaps. You’ll have to either unselect the thumbnails (thumb_*) in the DownThemAll! list before starting or delete the thumbnails after download.

        1. i got a little too excited and i mean to say… sdfdskj yaaassss it worked!! thank you so much, again. you’ve been so very kind in helping me through all of this.

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