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Dec 16, 2022

Friday 5 for December 16: Gimme some sugar

Answers to today’s questions over at

1. How much of a sweet tooth do you have?

A HUGE sweet tooth! I love candy, chocolate, pies, cake, ice cream, hot cocoa… pretty much all of it!

2. What sweet dishes do you prefer at breakfast?

I don’t usually eat breakfast, but when I do I don’t do sweet. A fresh squeezed orange juice and a Croissant is as close as I get and only as a very rare treat. I don’t want anything like jam or whatever.

3. What have you recently gotten a sweet deal on?

I got a package of Pirkka Costa Rica coffee for free today from my local market. Several times a year they offer a personal, free product (often a new product line) of their choosing for free. I could choose the roast though. I don’t drink coffee though so I’m going to give it my Mom tomorrow.

4. What are some good songs with the word “sweet” in the title or lyrics?

Billy Idol’s “Sweet Sixteen” is a favorite of mine! It came to mind immediately.

5. What evidence might someone present to prove you are a sweet person?

I don’t think I’m sweet. Maybe because I associate that word with overly sugary niceness and sunshine disposition and that’s not me. But I’ve been told I’m sweet and kind because I’m always ready to answer questions about how to cap stuff, make tutorials or explain in detail how I’m capping say 4K/UHD or HDTV, or make things downloadable from my Coppermine site, or help people figure out their own computers when they’re using Mac and I’ve never used one.

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