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Acrylic Pouring

I’ve started to do some non-digital art in addition to Photoshop stuff since May. Mostly prompted by the fact the my migraine’s been bad enough that I can’t be on the computer as much as I’d like, but I still wanted to do some art, preferably something colorful.

I’ve always loved colors and lovely abstract paintings, and for some reason I’d been watching a lot of videos on Youtube about acrylic painting. I’m not sure how that happened – I’ve never really been before interested in painting, or knitting or anything I’d do with my hands except baking. I think it’s because I’d been spending a lot of time on Etsy, and been seeing all these wonderful craft items people have made and are selling, such as paintings, handmade journals, handmade dyed paper and so on.

So I decided to try some acrylic painting myself! It doesn’t smell and looked like a lot of fun. I quickly discovered I love acrylic pour painting! It’s much fun, but also quiet and meditative. I made a post about it over at Crystal Fires back in May, with photos of my first attempts.

During the summer I made around 10 acrylic pour paintings, here are photos of some of the best ones:


There’s been a few failures of course, but even those aren’t wasted – I’ve been scanning them and using them for textures when I make wallpapers/Tumblr graphics/whatever, or in creation of more textures/digital papers in Photoshop 🙂

This is actually the first hobby I’ve ever had that costs me money – except for buying books, and I don’t do that nearly at all anymore, I borrow books from the library mostly – so that limits how many paintings I can do, but I don’t mind because in return I get to relax, have fun and get some color on my walls when I hang them up. My walls are bare except for a clock or two. I’ve never cared about interior decoration etc. because my attention has always been on the computer or books and I live a lot inside my head so I’ve rather spent my money on books and music than decorative items. So I haven’t cared that my walls are bare until about 2017 when I couldn’t to that stuff anymore so much due to the damn migraine, and suddenly I started wanting something colorful for my walls. So happily this hobby kills three birds with one stone 😀

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