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Heard back from the colonoscopy today – and looks like we finally, after 4 long years, may actually really have a true diagnosis! It’s not 100% definitive yet, but the pathology indicate Crohn’s Disease – the inflammation is mild so apparently it’s uncertain because of that. So they’re going to put me on corticosteroids now and if that reduces the chronic diarrhea, apparently that will confirm the diagnosis and then there are treatments.

There’s no cure to Crohn’s Disease nor do they know what causes it, and there and certain elevated health threats come with it. But if it’s that – I’ll finally have a name for what ails me, a real illness, treatments to be tried that perhaps can make it better and that makes all the difference! … But still not getting all up and jumping for joy – this may turn out to be another false start, after all, again. Better to just wait and see what effect the corticosteroids have on me. But yeah, at least all the damn work I did preparing for the colonoscopy didn’t go to waste; I’m happy for that! 😀

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