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Thought it’s time for a health & misc stuff update… Insomnia isn’t entirely gone, but I’m able to sleep more days than not, even if the quality of sleep isn’t awesome. Still better than nothing.

 I now can say that Crohn’s Disease symptoms really have been slowly getting worse since spring – I’m steadily heading back symptoms as they were before the February hospitalization as far as the chronic diarrhea etc. goes and as new symptoms I’ve been getting joint pains in my hands and feet – propably because I had to stop taking the pain threshold rising medication (which was for migraine prevention) – from about April/May that also seem to be here to stay. They’re not bad enough to warrant medication assuming there’s even anything suitable available to me, considering the situation with my liver. And the old fatigue continues – I’ve come to the conclusion in the last several weeks, after more than five years of waiting for fatigue to pass, that I’m never going to have “normal” energy levels anymore, and that this is now the new “normal”.

As for migraine, it’s going kind of good at this time. Seems like we finally found a medication in August that actually works for the attacks. Bad thing is, it may not that good for Crohn’s but if I don’t have to use it too often, it should be okay for the time being. And seems like the attacks have started to come a little less often, and have certainly lasted for a less time since I’ve been taking it for them. So that side of things, dare I say it, is kind of good 🙂

In other news, closed my Doctor Who site a week or two ago. Was kind of disappointed in series 8 – I LOVE Jenna Coleman and I think Clara’s the best companion to date, no contest, so no complaints there – but the stories were all really meh. I kept waiting for it to really start and then suddenly it was already finale and yet I was still waiting for it to start. But yeah, don’t want to have a DW site after all, enough to be just a casual fan.

Recently I got hooked on Haven, Ripper Street and Strange Empire. Still nuts about Space: Above And Beyond and also James Morrison. Just wondering, why do I have to always get (or stay, in some cases) the most invested in tiny old fandoms that have died ages ago? Like S:AAB and Dark Skies. It’s hard being a fandom of one :/

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