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Had my routine gastro checkup for how’s my Crohn’s Disease is doing, and found out that calprotectin levels are up again, and  yet another colonoscopy is necessary to find out if Crohn’s has flared again, and that it’s not a C. difficile infection (which was one of the things I was in hospital for last year and that can renew). It’ll be done in March. Not surprised or even particularly disappointed – despite feeling normal (the new normal, anyway) as far as the bowel goes, it’s been a year since my last colonoscopy and for the last several years, a colonoscopy has been needed about every 11-14 months. So, right on schedule.

Also talked with the Doctor about the pains I’ve been having since last May/June or so in my hands and legs. Got the confirmation that it really is joint pain.

Talked with the Doctor about rehabilitation thing I did from from September to December last year (2014, can’t remember if I wrote about it here), and also talked with her about how with the rehabilitation group and my GP, we’ve started to look into working out whether I am able to work full-time any more, or only part-time and part-time disability. And whether I maybe need to retrain myself in another field because so much of my field is customer service which just may not be possible for me anymore what with the sudden and frequent need for toilet trips. I need a Gastro Specialist’s statement which she will do and send to  my GP, and also a neurological one for the migraine which my GP can to ask for a “paper consultation” from the Neurological because I’m not currently a patient there. So that whole thing progressed a fraction today 🙂

In other good news, haven’t needed to take any sleeping aids for about 4 weeks now. I sleep more or less every night, even if it is sometimes only for 3 hours and maybe not the greatest quality of sleep but hey — that’s good compared to what it was just two months ago! 😀

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