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Computer Woes – Over-heating

Looks like my laptop has maybe started over-heating 🙁 It shut down on its own in the middle of everything twice yesterday and was, in my opinion, a lot hotter to touch than normal.

It’s just over 5 years old, the hard drive went last year so maybe it’s time for a new one. Especially since Mom promised to buy for my 40th birthday (which was in last November, but due to reasons like them travelling abroad, Christmas craziness in the shops and then Mom being more or less ill all of January, haven’t gotten my big birthday present yet) something big expensive like an iPad, a new television or even an oven (all things I’d love to have or switch out for better ones but things I don’t actually need), I think I might choose a new computer because I need a computer in all possible cases and then it can be a more expensive and efficient one than what I myself could get. But I’m going to look into ways to fix the over-heating first (it’s not the fan outlets, at least on the outside – have to open up the bottom but I did clean it all just a while back, when the hard drive went). And even if it is fixable, maybe I’ll still go with buying a one anyway because this one is getting old.

All this just to say that if I disappear for a while, computer problems are the reason and I’ll be back ASAP.

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