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Apr 11, 2015

Missing Icons + Health Update

I have managed to misplace the last three icons I made. I really liked them! They’re not in the usual folder on my hard drive, nor where I use post my challenge entries before posting them to my site and LJ/DW.

I did them for some icon challenge community on LJ (can’t remember which) propably like couple months ago or even longer (I’m pretty sure it was this year though…), one was of Christine Chapel and one of Amanda Grayson but I can’t remember who the third one was of.  I don’t think it was for a ST challenge. I can’t believe I don’t remember where I put them! This has never happened before.

Health update behind the cut…

Insomnia is rearing its ugly head again. Crap. It’s been roughly two weeks since the last time I could sleep somewhat okay (it never did get back to normal after last year, but I didn’t need any sleeping aids for 3,5 months) if not enough, but the quality wasn’t that good though but at least I could). Had to take a sleeping pill twice in the last week (after a week of almost no sleep/really bad, short, wake-up every few minutes sort of sleep) and they didn’t help much 🙁

I looked up my old posts, and the insomnia problems started in March 2014. I still think it’s most likely because of the liver thing in February 2014 and having to cut out all those meds I was on so abruptly – it was bound to put my body out of whack. There’s other smaller things too, like dryness of the scalp, that are just more of a nuisance/irritance and not dangerous. I just wonder when it’s going to even out and go back to normal.

Got some good news too: I now got a doctor’s write-up that I’m not up for full time job/studying/anything, or even an everyday one and about the limitations for possible jobs I can have due to the migraines and Crohn’s Disease. It’ll help with the unemployment agency, planning on what to do next, what the options are.

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