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Jul 19, 2021

The Friday Five for July 16, 2021

Picture from Pixabay.

This was posted to the thefridayfive Livejournal community.

1. What sign marks the end of the summer for you?

It’s been 30+ years since I was in school, but I still feel that when the schools start in August the summer is over. No matter how many summery days we still have after, once the school starts, it’s over. I hated school so much that schools start=summer is over got wired in my brain and there’s been nothing to replace that since.

2. What plans, if any, do you have for the rest of the summer?

Right now I’m having trouble seeing past tomorrow – we’ve been in heatwave since like mid-May, and everything I can try and do is to survive that. I hate it, loath it. Weather forecasts say that tomorrow is the last heatwave day for now, but then again it has said that many times before so I’ll believe it when I’m living it. Until the heat goes back down to normal 20-24 Celcius (which is still a little too hot for me, but is pleasant in shade and I can still do things outside unlike now) and we get some good rains, I’m just hunkering down and surviving this horrible summer.

3. How would you describe your summer/winter so far – too hot, too cold, too wet, too buggy or what?

Summer and it’s been abysmally horrific. So hot I can barely breathe since about the middle of May.

4. Summer often means open windows and the sharing of conversations, music, games and so forth with everyone. What sort of neighbor are you? Loud or considerate?

A considerate one, I hope! During the day I don’t really care – there’s enough noise from neighbors and kids playing that my music/tv etc. can be on my normal (which isn’t ever booming loud) and it won’t be different from anybody elses. But at night I turn down the volume, in hopes that it won’t be too loud for others. I’ve never gotten complaints so I guess I’ve been doing okay.

5. Aside from spouses and pets, have you had any trouble with pests recently?

No spouse or pets, and this summer has been delightfully bug free! I suppose if somebody held a gun to my head and demanded I name something good about this ghastly summer, that would be the thing – that and strawberries.

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