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Aug 21, 2021

The Friday Five for August 20 2021: Luxuries

Answers to today’s questions over at thefridayfive@LJ

1. What luxury is totally worth the price?

A Roomba!

And if I could have A/C for the summers, I’d totally embrace that, it’d be worth the price if I had the money in the first place. Never mind that at least 9 months of the year you wouldn’t need it so I used to think real A/C would be ridiculous.

Frezza Choco Loco, a chocolate coffee cold drink. I LOVE it!

2. What is the most unique or silliest problem you have going on in your life at the moment?

Well, the last two days I can’t decide whether to ink Kosumosu or Murasaki-shikibu next… as far as problems go, that’s on the silly side!

3. If you were so wealthy you didn’t need to work, what would you do with your time?

Not worry about money.

Otherwise I’d propably do pretty much what I’m doing now – my health problems and lack of money determine how I spend my time more than anything else in my life. So with the money problem gone, a big half of my problems would be gone too. Maybe I would volunteer somewhere because I wouldn’t have to worry about TE-toimiste/KELA suddenly deciding that I’ve employed myself by volunteering and yanking my livelyhood. I’d also be curious to see if freeing up the mental energy and space previously taken by worrying about money would over time lead to more interests, activity and energy.

If I were wealthy enough I’d donate to some charities/organizations such as the local and national organizations that try to improve the financial and political position of the unemployed. I’d also see if I could do something to help research the treating of migraines if I were really rich, like giving grants or something.

4. What is the most tedious and/or the most exciting sport to watch?

I don’t watch sports they’re all tedious and I donno/don’t care who wins what where how. YLE’s newsfeed has been half sports news (a lot more than usual) for like two months now because of the… olympics? donno… and I’m so fed up with it. I don’t get it why they can’t give the sports news their own dedicated feed and regular news their own; both sports lovers and haters would love that.

5. What do you think the ideal age to be is?

I think, from about age 32 upwards – the stupidy and anxioussness of youth was behind me by then and I started being comfortable in my own skin.

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