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The Friday Five for September 17 2021

Can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted anything!

Snagged this from The Friday Five @ Livejournal.

1. Are you looking forward to Autumn (or Spring, if you are in the other hemisphere)?

I don’t have to look forward to Autumn – we’re in the middle of it 😀 But yes, I always look forward to the Autumn through a summer.

2. What is one thing that marks this season for you more than anything else?

Cool, crisp air and feeling I can breathe again. Trees are also so pretty when their leaves turn to orange and red.

3. If the months are indicative of your age, with January being your birth and December being the
end of the line), what month are you in?

This is a difficult queston! Depends really on how my chronic illnesses, especially Crohn’s Disease advance (there’s a higher risk of colon cancer). If I were healthy, I’d propably be in June or maybe July. But my illnesses could make it so that I’m already in August or September… could go either way!

4. Do you welcome the cooler/warmer days or mourn their loss?

I welcome the cooler days!

5. What is absolutely one thing you have to do in the Autumn/Spring?

There’s nothing, really. Closest would be seeing my Mom on Christmas Eve and eating Christmas foods, but that’s in winter.

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