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Mar 16, 2022

Iron Infusion

I was given the iron infusion yesterday 😀 It went well, no allergic reaction or anything! The only problem was the nurse had trouble finding a vein (which has been happening more and more for the last year) and the first vein she did find “broke”. It took her a little over 15 minutes to find a vein that worked, at the back of my right hand. But then it all went well! The infusion itself took 35 minutes, and after I had to stay in for observation for half an hour… the whole thing took 1,5 hours all in all.

Now I’m just waiting to see what effect the iron infusion has one – so far no change in head ache, exhaustion or anything else. But the nurse did say that it might take a couple of days before I’ll feel any change, and I’ve also read many, many accounts of other people’s experiences and know that there might a big change, a little change or no change at all. And that things like fever, even worse exhaustion and headache are all possible in addition to good changes while the body processes the wow, there’s suddenly lots of iron! I also know that many people have also needed more than one infusion because their iron deficency is so deep and has lasted a long time (years/decades). So I’m watching with an open mind and cautious optimism 🙂 

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