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Mar 18, 2022

Friday 5 for March 18: Take me to the old playground

Today’s questions over at Image from Pixabay.

1. When did you most recently swing on a swing?

A few years ago, before my Mom and her SO sold their summer place. Before they sold it, they had a three-seater swing and Mom and me would sit in it swinging for hours and talk about anything and everything. But they’re both getting old and don’t want to have as much things that need moving/putting together/big storage space anymore, and that swing was cumbersome to move and store so they sold it with their summer place because it was an easy way to get rid of it. I’ve personally never had a backyard big enough for any kind of swing, and even if I did, there’s nowhere to store it for winter in an apartment building.

2. On what issue have you teeter-tottered?

Whether we (Finland) should join NATO or remain neutral. Especially since Russia’s war on Ukraine but also before the war. (I’m not sure… Did I understand teeter-tottering correctly?)

3. How close is your residence to a park, and when did you last visit?

Parks are not really a thing in our family. So much so that I don’t actually know which park is the closest – there aren’t any that I can think of within walking distance even though I’ve lived here 20+ years. We have smaller and bigger woodsy areas all around with smaller as well as bigger walking/running/skiing paths and glades, just not parks that I can think of. I also can’t think of when I last visited a park – probably when I was a kid? I’ve gone through while walking or cycling, but we’ve never really gone for parks for outdoor activities/to spend time in my family. Our trips have been usually to beach, or to the castle ruins, or back when I was a kid, to our camping area. Some of them might be in a park/adjacent to a park, I guess, or the trip there takes us a through a park, but it never really registers as such for me because the park isn’t the destination. It’s just grass and green and maybe some flowerbeds and benches somewhere.

4. How capable are you with a charcoal grill?

Not at all. I’ve never used a grill – have never owned one, charcoal or otherwise. It’s not allowed in my apartment complex.

5. With what are you playing hide-and-seek?

Hmm, I’m going to say creative energy… some days it’s just gone, while other days I’m happy to play in Photoshop or physical drawing/painting for hours. Really, just energy in general…

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