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July 17, 2022   No Comment   Blog, Memes & Asks, Personal

1. How tall would you like to be if you had the chance to choose?

I’m 161 centimeters tall and I’d like to be a little taller – around 170cm, I think. All the clothes, cars seats, cabinets etc. are made for people taller than me so I’d really love to be a little taller!

2. How often do you change your sheets?

Probably not often enough. I don’t do it on schedule, more like feeling like changing them that night.

3. When is it time to repurpose an old towel?

The old towels dry me the best (the fabric is completely different than in the newer towels I have) so I keep them pretty much until they fall apart. I don’t repurpose them, I just throw them out. The oldest towels I have are at least around 40 years old and they’re still almost as new because I always use the same several ones until they fall apart before letting myself take another into use. I’ve never bought myself a towel – people apparently loved to give them as gifts in the 1980s. So we had dozens of them, and divided them between myself and my Mom when she moved out with her then-new SO into their new home and I stayed in my childhood home for a few years more in the 1990s. I’ll probably never run out of old, unused towels!

4. Do you need to make a trip to a secondhand store to drop something off?


5. What was the last book you borrowed from the library?

I went to the library on Friday and actually borrowed three books: Hangman by Faye Kellerman; Hiljainen, huomaamaton murha by Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis; Pimeä jää by Tuire Malmstedt. They’re all thrillers and murder mysteries.

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