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Friday 5 for August 12: X³

Image from Pixabay.

Answers to yesterday’s questions @

1. One lump or two?

Is this a coffee/sugar question? Not sure what else it could mean… the only coffee contaiting drink I drink are a few flavors of the Paulig Frezza cold coffee drinks which have about 5% of coffee in them… I don’t add anything into them, so zero lumps for me!

2. What was in the last box you received in the mail?

An actual box? Two Saaren Taika shampoos. The actual last package but which came in a plastic envelope? Three Sloggi panties which I special-buy for use during my periods. The shops didn’t have the type I want so I had to go buy online (and if was surprisingly hard to find an online shop which sells Sloggi products!)

3. In those places where you prepare your own soft drink, how much ice do you put in the cup?

Does home count? I don’t make soft drinks elsewhere these days. Two or three cubes.

4. How do you have your workspace decorated?

Five small test acrylic pours I did and came out lovely. I also have some pretty post cards I’ve received on display.

5. What’s your favorite dice-driven game?

I don’t like or play any sorts of games, dice or otherwise. So no favorite.

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