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The Friday Five for 13 January 2023 – Food and Time Edition

Answers to today’s questions at thefridayfive @ DW.

1. What’s a food you liked when you were younger but don’t anymore?

I can’t think of one… I think I still like them all! I might not LOVE them anymore, but still like them just fine.

2. What’s a food you used to not like but now you do?

Oh so, so many! I’m still a picky eater, but I’m not as bad as I used to be and can now eat many things I couldn’t before. Blue cheese is the most prominant change – I LOVE it now, and eat it regularly. It’s one of my favorite foods now! Another is cucumber – when I was a kid, I didn’t see the point of it: it was tasteless and wet – I might have just drank water in my opinion. Now I like it exactly for those reasons!

3. What’s a food you enjoy eating both warm and cold?

I can’t think of a food… I usually either like them only hot, or only cold. But drinks: hot chocolate (made with real chocolate and milk) and chocolate milk (made with cocoa powder and milk) I like both ways.

4. Are there any foods you can’t get anymore? Why not?

There was this After Eight ice cream sold here in late 90s/early 00s. But it stopped being sold here soon after I discovered it. I’m still terribly sad about it – it is my favorite ice cream ever!

5. What’s your favorite “breakfast for dinner” (or “dinner for breakfast”) food?

Special breakfast for dinner Ohukaiset (thin pancakes resempling crepes) hot with frozen but somewhat thawed (so you can crush them) strawberries, or with home made apple jam, or with just sugar. Special breakfast because we’d usually have them as lunch/dinner but occasionally also for a late winter morning breakfast. Ohukaiset aren’t a normal food for me, but a special treat.

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