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Jan 12, 2023

Proud Of Myself!

I’ve accomplished three extra things this week and I’m so proud of myself! As a spoonie it’s hard.

– On Monday I sent a message to my doctor through a health portal because just before Christmas I had learned that my Type 2 Diabetes medication will be discontinued this year (there are already difficulties getting it becaus of that). I waited this long to contact my doctor because the country wide national Reform of healthcare, social welfare and rescue services came into effect on January 1, 2023. Which slowed down non-emergency public health services after Christmas and official expressed wishes that things that could wait, would wait until after the New Year. I have enough of the old meds to last me about half-way through February so it wasn’t that an urgent matter and I’d figured I’d wait until they got the messaging feature to work on the new health portal. My doctor messaged me back today with details of a new medication to try so this thing is under control and I have a plan how to proceed!

– On Tuesday I defrosted my freezer 😀 I’d been pushing it off months but that morning at 7am, soon after I got up, I abruptly all of a sudden got the feeling saying “This is the day!! Today I will defrost my freezer.” Took about about 6 hours until it was all clean and dry and could be set to refreeze. It nearly killed me (well, it felt like it!) and I was dead on my feet the rest of the day. I was so exhausted that I went to bed at 7.30PM to read a bit and then turned off the lights at 8.00PM sharp and fell asleep literally at once. And I slept so well! I slept deeply for 6 hours straight without waking up once (99% of time I wake every two hours or so and the sleep quality isn’t great). A good night of sleep makes such a difference! I felt so much better yesterday than I normally do, just because of that abnormally good sleep.

Also, I remembered again why I hate defrosting my freezer: the drain which extends and is supposed to guide the water from the melted ice away into a wash basin or another container is 2cm too short to reach over the freezer’s bottom edge to accomplish its purpose and a lot of the water ends up on the floor instead of any containers no matter how I try to position them there *head-desk* Nice try engineers/designers but zero points! So defrosting involves a lot of towels and wring them them dry in addition to switching out the hot water containers and emptying out the melted water containers. Defrosting is a simple process but a lot of stupid work only because the damn drain is 2cm too short.

– Today (Thursday) I picked up a package from the post office, did some grocery shopping and then when I got home I got a feeling again: “Today is the day I’m baking herkkupulla – I guess a type of sweet rolls which I got the recipe from my Mom in December. It’s a tiny dough, 2dl milk and only about 5 dl flour; makes about 14 rolls so it’s perfect for me – I can’t do those 5dl doughs anymore. She had made them for her birthday and they’re so delicous! I’ve been meaning to make them for 3 weeks and today was the day finally. Just got them off the oven – hope they’re as tasty as Mom’s!

All this is abnormally much for one week – I’m usually too exhausted to do this much extra stuff on top of my normal stuff. But it’s nice to feel up to doing more – it’s so rare! Now I completely expect to have to rest for several days at least until after the weekend. I don’t have any extra stuff to do for the next week – if I did, I wouldn’t have done so much to avoid paying for it the days after.

I’m SO majorly happy and relieved about the defrosted freezer though! It’s been on my conscious for months! Now I don’t have to worry about it for a long while 😀

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