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Mar 30, 2023

Star Trek: Picard 3.07 Part 7: Dominion Thoughts

I’m disappointed how little 7of9 has had screen time in S3 – I do like her personal plot this season and general personal arc in all through the three seasons of PIC very much, but she’s had so little to do this season! And a lot of it has been stuff any character could do. I feel like PIC has forgotten that she has a vast knowledge in science and scientific experience and PIC is mostly treating her as an action hero 😐 But the personal stuff she has had, has been good.

There’s a few spoilers behind the cut.

Finally Amanda Plummer got something more to do! She was very good in that scene, I felt so bad for her and her fellow prisoners when she recounted her experience as a Federation quinea pig and subject of torture! It sounded very much like a Section 31 type of thing. The way the Vadic hand-thing spoke in this episode makes me think it’s something other than a Changeling. It said “you and your kind”. Unless it’s an original form Changeling and those consider these Vadic’s evolved Changelings as alien, and also felt like inferior.

Disappointed how little Crusher has screen time, and that she does so much of her science stuff off-screen. I get it – there’s so many other things that need attention, but I’d like her to do science like she did in TNG. That’s where she’s in her element. Not as an action hero. Also still not used to her not having red hair! Couldn’t they have given her red hair but kept those white streaks?

Were Crusher and Picard actually going to murder Vadic, who was their prisoner at the time, in cold blood if Lore hadn’t taken the ship over?! It certainly looked and sounded like it! Which is totally out of character for Star Trek and these characters. Or was that supposed be some kind of ruse? I hope I’m being stupid here, and missed something. I get the trap for Vadic was for her to board, be taken prisoner and then to question her. But how could they have known Lore would take over the ship just in time to stop them from murdering a prisoner? I’m really hoping I missed something or that I’m being stupid. But I don’t like it when shows create suspension by leaving the viewer out of a critical bit information the hero has, when until then, the viewer has been privy to all the information the hero has, but now things go bad and the baddies have won, but then! a clever plot twist is revealed and it was all planned by the hero – and the tired twist is always that the planning just wasn’t shown to the viewer and it’s in the end of a scene we did see, and the scene was just cut short. It’s a cop-out. But I’ll also hate it if it turns out that that Picard and Crusher really were going to murder a prisoner in cold blood, because that’s not Star Trek. So whatever it is, the writers have some digging to do to get out of this in a smart way.

So disappointed that Data and Brent Spiner are back. Data and related was already used so much in TNG and the movies, and PIC then went ahead and over did it in every way. How many times has Data had a meaningful death scene now?? Time to put the character away. And high time for stop using Brent Spiner and to keep expanding the Soong family. Everything to do with Data, the Soongs, Lore and related has been imagined and re-imagined so many times that it’s completely overdone. There’s nothing interesting left. Just drop them already! It makes the world seem tiny when it’s always Data and the Soongs. 👿  😐 

I wonder if Deanna is going to be on at all. Only three episodes left and she’s only had what, three?, cameos.

Jack has grown on me and so has Sydney. Whenever Jack’s eyes go red and he goes into action scene mode I’m reminded of Terminators from that franchise but also of Pah-Wraiths but also of random other demon/alien things from random other scifi sources. Courious what’s going on with him. The season has really made it look like he’s some kind of alien changeling or or a creature or something, and not just an accidental human pregnancy. Which did sound weird from the first I heard that, considering the people involved and the world they live in.

I’d love a Star Trek series about USS Titan with Shaw, 7of9, Sydney and the other bridge personnel shown. Is that one officer Vulcan or Romulan?? I think she acts more like a Romulan. As long as they turn the lights on! So that I don’t have to fiddle with the contrast and brightness every time. I’d be into character work with Shaw and his Borg trauma and 7of9’s trauma and how they deal with all that comes from their respective pasts. While hopefully going on episodic adventures with new, cool space phenomenon that doesn’t threaten the very existence of life everywhere, or diplomatic or scientific missions. Kinda like TNG! That’s my wish, anyway.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – every time I watch a S3 episode, I’m going “Turn the lights on! I can’t see anything!”. It’s sotten bad that if this wasn’t Star Trek, I’d have stopped watching many episodes ago just because it’s so badly lit. I’ve dropped a few tv shows and movies because of that before, and it always makes me sad because all the hard work of the writers, actors etc. goes to waste because of a bad lighting choice. And the darkness also makes me wonder what are they trying to hide by not letting us see? Used to be bad creature effects but that was in the 80s. What are they trying to hide now? As far as I can tell, the special effects are good. If it weren’t hows like Vienna Blood, Law & Order (old and new), The Bay, Gotham or I don’t know, Beyond Paradise, I’d think there’s something wrong with my laptop screen! Sadly, Star Trek: Picard season 3 is one of the worst lit tv I’ve ever seen and it’s ruining it for me very much. If PIC were properly lit, I’d enjoy the ride much more! Come on, I want to enjoy the ride!

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