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Star Trek: Discovery Ends After 5 Seasons & Star Trek: Picard 3.03 Seventeen Seconds

Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek DSC has been cancelled. It will end after the upcoming season 5, which will air sometime in 2024.

I’m… not sad, exactly, but maybe wistful? More in the sense of that there’ll be one less (live-action) Trek in the air, than missing these particular characters and stories. But maybe there’ll be a new (live-action) Trek series coming up! I will miss seeing Sonequa Martin-Green on my TV regularly but she was in TWD and then in DSC and I’m sure she’ll head another tv series soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed it’ll also be something in the scifi/fantasy genre because that’s my favorite!

I think the characters have been in a pretty good place the last few seasons (because the show obviously isn’t going to address in any real way all the horrible trauma the crew as a whole and the characters as individual have suffered what with war, jumping 1000 years into the future and losing all their loved ones/everything they know, dealing with universe ending threats several times in about a span of five years at the most I’d guess). There are finished character & plot arcs and assuming season 5 follows the style of the last few seasons, with a self-contained season long arc, I think it’ll be in a pretty good place to end things. At least I don’t feel that anything is left open and dangling as the show stands right now and I assume season will be more of the same in that regard. Let’s hope there’ll be no earth shattering cliffhangers in the final episode in the desperate hope to get the cancellation cancelled but that they end it well.

Also five seasons is nothing to scoff at! A lot of series never get past one, so DSC did something right even though not everyone loves it. I myself will always be glad it exists because it certainly gave us Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and probably Star Trek: Picard too 😀

Spoilers for Star Trek: Picard 3.03 Seventeen Seconds behind the cut!

Star Trek: Picard 3.03 Seventeen Seconds

The Changelings are back! Worf is back! I’m so happy to see him! Raffi’s storyline immediately got interesting now that Worf is involved 😀 The actor playing the Changeling Worf and Raffi questioned looks sooooo familiar – I must’ve seen him in something before. I suppose I’ll have to google but I’m too lazy to do it right now.

So looks like Jack is actually Picard and Beverly’s bio son, accidentally conceived. And she kept Jack from Picard because Picard keeps getting trying to get murdered or gets neck deep in intergalactic politics that also end up with Picard and everyone around him’s lives in danger. Beverly didn’t want to make her son a target for Picard’s enemies. Plus Picard went on often and at length about how he doesn’t want a family. So I think Beverly’s choice makes sense, even if it’s cliche but I can understand it. I had hoped it’d be timey-wimey shenanigans such as Jack is Beverly’s son from another reality. Most of all I would’ve liked for Picard to not be his father. Also, why name him Jack? Wasn’t that Beverly husband’s name? The Beverly-Picard-Beverly’s husband history was always sort of messy I thought, so why would she name Picard’s son for her husband?

What the hell is going on with Riker? I don’t remember Riker in TNG running from a fight time after time. Something weird is going on here. What with all the talk about kids and his and Deanna’s Thad, I hope he isn’t betraying all his friends and letting untold number of other people maybe to die to somehow to get his long dead son back. I don’t want Riker turn into a villain because he’s trying to get his dead son back by getting other people killed as collateral – it’d be OOC and TNG characters are more balanced and moral than that.

Amanda Plummer is a legend and she’s playing Vadic in her usual hammy way but I’m curious who Vadic is – I don’t think she’s the big bad, rather one of the big bad’s minions.

The series is filmed/edited again much too dark and I have to play with the contrast control’s of MPC-BE to make it look nice. It’s not good when a show or a movie makes you go “Turn on the bloody lights so I can see something!” every episode for the entire running time.

I’m not sure about The Changelings, Moriarty, Lore etc. etc. and all the TNG characters being brought back. I would have liked a new mystery better rather than going back to the old enemies. But so far I’ve been mightily entertained by each episode, and Shaw and 7of9 make up for a lot of the old-stuff-coming-back thing; still love 7of9 and I’m starting to love Shaw too.

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