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Supernatural Season 7 Thoughts

So something weird’s been going on with season 7 of Supernatural. Except for the season premiere, all the episodes have been missing some integral part that make them, I don’t know, feel “real” and “Supernatural” to me. For nearly all of the eps, I have felt like the season big bad and huge problem, Leviathans, are ignored. Like they created such a huge threat that they don’t want to deal with it and are doing everything they can to side step around the issue. But because Crawley keeps the demons away from the brothers, there’s nothing really interesting going on anymore and we get things like the mentalists and deranged fangirls marrying Sam. And even though everything written and acted well enough and there’s is absolotely nothing that I can point to and say “that is badly done”, there’s some critical component missing that I cannot identify, and it is that missing element that makes it seem not real to me. So much so that I’ve been starting to wonder about not watching the show anymore and I don’t want that because it only one of its kind. So I have persevered. And was rewarded…

Just finished watching Supernatural episode 7.15 Repo Man right now, and it’s like this is the first real episode since The Girl Next Door! 😀 And it was better than any previous S7 episode, even the premiere! I enjoyed it a lot! 😀 It felt like watching a season 2 or 3 episode 😀 I hope this is a mark of things to come, and not just an aberration in the season. I felt like I had my show back! I really, really want to enjoy the rest of the season just like this episode!

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