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Apr 14, 2023

Star Trek: Picard 3.09 Vox Thoughts

– in episode 3.08 Surrender there was a bit where I was genuinely terrified that 7of9 would die and it really seemed like it would happen for a moment. I’m still not completely over it. I keep thinking that they wouldn’t kill off one of the most popular characters of the entire franchise. And then I remember Spock. And then I think that Spock doesn’t count because not only he didn’t stay dead, he’s been resurrected in alternate versions twice. I don’t really trust these showrunners not to kill 7of9 off because they don’t really seem to care about her this season. There’s been many scenes she’s been missing, or just was there without a reason.

– I did enjoy seeing the TNG crew sitting and talking all together around a table again! How many shows can you say that? 🤣

Spoilers for 3.09 Vox behind the cut.

– So Jack’s Borg. And Picard’s Irumodic Syndrome isn’t Irumodic Syndrome. It’s a Borg DNA, which Jack inherited and which the Changelings extracted from Picard’s human body and added into Starfleet transfer codebase to insert it into DNA of everyone under 25 years of age who uses a Starfleet transporter anywhere. And now entire Starfleet has been assimilated. Okay. I’m not sure what I think about that.

– I hoped the Big Bad would be something else than Borg, preferably something entirely new. Or only used once before. But I suppose the Borg being Picard’s trauma and I guess a fan favorite enemy, the Borg needs to be milked to the very last.

– I do totally buy the Borg playing a long game! Secreting secret DNA code in a human (humans?), gambling that that human is likely to have kids at some point to propagate the DNA. Along with working with other parties to spread it through technology.

– I’m curious whether the Jurati!Borg will get involved in the last episode somehow and help fight the (Jack!)Borg.

– Speaking of which – no-one’s heard from the Borg in 10 years?? Hello! Did you forget your own season 2???? Which was all about the Borg?? …Less than a year ago??

– I think the pacing of season 3 has been hugely flawed – the first seven episodes were somehow very slow despite all the action (and Jack’s mystery was milked to within inch of its life) and now the last three episodes are break neck speed but still somehow slow. They left a huge amounts of material that needs to solved in the last episode and I’m not seeing how it can be done in a satisfying way unless the episode is super long.

– So disappointed that Shaw died!

– So done with them bringing TNG guest-stars just of kill them off. Today’s was nothing but a cameo. At least Ro Laren got to be meaningful before she was summarily killed off.

– So disappointed with the lack of things to do for 7of9.

– I’ll be seriously pissed off if they kill 7of9 in the last episode.

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