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The Friday Five for 28 April 2023

Answers to this week’s questions at thefridayfive @ DW

1. Would you ever go “under the knife” (or laser, or dental pick) for cosmetic purposes? What and why, and would it really be worth it?

I’d so much love to get a breast reduction! Although in my case it’d be most likely categorized as a medically necessitated, not entirely cosmetic, as it would relieve my back pain and make things like running more easy and simply just not having boobs in the way would be so much easier to do pretty much anything. But any other surgeries for purely cosmetic purposes… nope. not interested.

2. Describe your dream home, including location, design, and who/what’s in there with you.

I don’t have a clear image of what my dream home would be like, or the location. But it’d be a lot bigger than my current home – I’d have a guest room so I can have my Mom or closest friend stay overnight without problems, a living room, a craft room, a home movie theatre/tv room, an office, a library, a gym, a pool, a patio, a utility room and a well-equipped kitchen. And effective air conditioning in every room considering summers are getting unbearably hot for longer and longer even here in Finland. Ideally it’d be situated on the outskirts of a city, so I could get into nature within a couple of minutes by walking, but also only about 30 minutes from the city center by bus. Public transport must be good and the stop close by (no more than a minute or two walking, ideally not even that like I currently have). And also, no neighbors within seeing distance.

I’d also have a few staff: a cook (because I don’t like cooking!), a cleaner and if I had a garden, then also a gardener. The interior design would include a lot of wood and be rustic looking, and recently I’ve been admiring the jewel colors a lot of UK tv series show in characters homes. It’d be elegant, harmonious and calming. And things like couches and table and carpets would all fit each other, instead of a random collection bought when absolutely necessary for the least amount of money. I also might have rooms following themes – so maybe living room is rustic, library sort of Ancient Egyptian, office futuristic sci-fi or something!

3. You have one month to travel the world, all expenses paid. Where do you go and what do you do once you arrive?

London, Egypt, Paris, the Grand Canyon… Although a month is such a short time, I’d probably choose one place and stay there for the month and just make short trips around there.

4. What scares the bloody heck out of you? Would you face it down if someone paid you? What’s your price?

There’s nothing that scares “the bloody heck out of” me. But there aren a lot of things I wouldn’t do no matter how much you paid me such as handle exotic poisonous snakes, wresting with alligators or go on reality tv show or whatever.

5. And of course, you’re stranded on an island. What five simple items do you have with you? How do you survive? Anyone in particular you’d like to be stranded with? What would they bring to the table?

I’d have to have my eye glasses so I can see, and also my medications to keep me functional – that’s more than five items already! I would hope I have a knife, but I never carry one with me so I can’t imagine I would if I got stranded by surprise. I’d also better have some person with me knows knows flora and fauna because I don’t except for some local berries. Frankly, I don’t think I’d fare well at all if I was alone and had to survive on my own for more than a day or two. In theory I know how to make a fire without matches, but whether I’d get it to work in practice is anyone’s guess.

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