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Aug 29, 2023

Jo’s Daily Questions – August 2023

Almost late answers to Jo’s Daily Questions for August!

1 – World Wide Web Day: Think about how much of what you do each day you do online. If the internet disappeared tomorrow, how would that impact your life? How would you have to start doing things differently (or go back to a pre-internet way of doing things)?

Everything would change, and I mean everything. All banking is done online, all unemployment and most of the social security stuff is done online, information lookup is online, I don’t own a TV and so watch and download all tv shows online, find my music online (luckily I download all my music when I find it so I have all that on my hard drive). Hell, I look up all the phone numbers online when needed! I don’t think phone books are even printed anymore? So I wouldn’t have ready access to all of the above instances without their phone numbers and now I can’t look them up online anymore. Library loans are renewed online. New books to read are found online. Fanfic is online. My illness support groups are online. All bills are on companies’ websites online where you can also pay them via a bank service, or bills are sent to your e-mail. I buy all my clothes online, and the bras sizes I need are only available in this country via a single online shop. And a million other things.

2 – Colouring Book Day: Were colouring books something you enjoyed as a child? Adult colouring is now a huge trend. Do you do colouring as an adult, or would you consider engaging in this activity?

I do enjoy it as an adult! I do it regularly, because it’s something I can do even when I have a bad head day and it staves off boredom when I can’t listen to music, or read as an example, because of migraine. I don’t remember whether I enjoyed it as a kid. It was probably just another activity – okay, but not above others like reading which I loved.

3 – Clean Your Floors Day: How often do you clean your floors? Do you have to deal with different types of flooring (carpeting in some rooms, hardwood, tiles, linoleum in others)? Do you use a regular vacuum cleaner or a robovac, or both? Have you ever gotten down on your hands and knees and actually scrubbed a floor – the whole floor, not just one stubborn stain?

Not often enough! I have a Roomba, but other than that or vacuuming manually, I sometimes sweep with damp after vacuuming. We used to do that after every vacuuming (so, once a week) when I was a kid, but I don’t know if that’s considered necessary now? I have only one type of flooring – I think it’s linoleum but I don’t know these things, and would have to check my papers to know for sure. The pictures linoleum produced when I googled look right though about what it is. Oh, I don’t know if my bathroom’s that too. It’s not tile, but linoleum or plastic or something of that sort. I haven’t had carpets on the floor for about 20 years now because they drove me crazy back when I did and vacuumed.

4 – Chocolate Chip Cookie Day: Are you a fan of chocolate chip cookies? Are you a chocolate chip cookie traditionalist, or do you like variations — with nuts, or different types of chocolate, etc.? Do you have a favourite brand, or do you buy them from a bakery? Do you make your own? Will you share your favourite recipe?

They’re okay. I’ve bought from store and baked my own. I’ve never found one that I’m nuts about. I do like the ones that are soft a little more than the hard ones. And ones where the batter is dark instead of light. And the ones where more than one kind of chocolate chip is used (so, dark and milk and white is best).

5 – Blogger Day: This day was created to celebrate Blogger, one of the oldest blogging sites. Did you ever have a blog on Blogger? What about on any other blogging sites (aside from Dreamwidth/LiveJournal), e.g. WordPress? Have you ever hosted a blog on your own webspace?

Never had a blog on Blogger. I had an LJ but I only shared by screencaps and fanart there, no personal posts. And have I DW I post most things also there that I post here.

I’ve always had a webspace of my own, and for 13+ years it’s been powered by WordPress which was originally a blogging software. I love WordPress! And now I even use my webspace and my self-hosted WordPress for blogging, instead of just uploading my wallpapers etc.


6 – Friendship Day: Do friendships change over time? Is friendship important to you? What is your definition of a good friend? Do you think you’re a good friend?

Changing depends on the people involved. It’s not important in general, but certain people are important to me. I’ve always rather had one or two close friends than lots of more casual ones or group friends. I’m not a good friend in some ways. I don’t keep in touch as often as I could (I don’t have the energy) since I got chronically ill.

7 – International Clown Week: The first full week of August is International Clown Week: True or False — clowns are scary and should not be celebrated.

False. They’re only scary if it’s an alien/supernatural being in reality.

8 – International Cat Day: Are you a cat person? Have you ever had, or do you have, cats as pets? Do you have a favourite breed of cat?

I’m not. I’m not against them, either. I just haven’t been around cats ever, really. My childhood best friend Mom had a cat, but it was so much her Mom’s cat that I almost never saw it around when I was over there. It’d hide from quest and didn’t even care about my friend. I always forgot they had a cat because over the years I saw it only a few times.

9 – Book Lovers Day: Do you love books? Have you always been a reader? Did your parents read to you when you were young? What were some of your favourite books or authors as a child? How has your taste in books evolved over time?

Yes, yes and yes! My Mom or Dad reading to me when I was a little kid was one of our favorite things to do! I loved Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five and Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew stories. And Little House on the Prairie series. And I adored the Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

I still love mysteries, detective stories and space adventures. The most notable change is that I started to love various Swedish authors and books in my 30s (couldn’t stand them before then because – Sweden and forced Swedish language history in Finland). One of the reasons why I love them, is that the culture and nature is very similar to Finland and Finnish nature, but it’s just foreign enough to make it feel new.

10 – Duran Duran Appreciation Day: Do you appreciate Duran Duran – a band who pushed the limits of acceptable music video content and helped change the face of new wave music in the 1980s? Do you have a fave Duran Duran song or album?

Duran Duran was my number #1 favorite band as a kid and a teenager! I’m not sure what’s my favorite – they have so many good songs! Notorious, Wild Boys, Save a Prayer, Night Boat, The Chauffeur… The last few years I’ve been listening to The Chauffeur (particularly the As the Lights Go Down version) a lot.

11 – Play in the Sand Day: As a child, did you enjoy playing in the sand – either at the beach, or in a sandbox? Did you build sandcastles? As an adult, is this something that still appeals to you?

Nope to playing in the sand as an adult. I played as a child but it was just something normal, not special or anything. I’ve never liked beaches (too hot and sunny) and I didn’t usually play at the beach because I was in the woods where was shade and read or talked or ran around having adventures. But I played a lot in sandboxes until a certain age.

12 – Garage Sale Day (or Boot Sale, in the UK): Do you regularly, or occasionally, check out garage sales in your area? Have you ever organized one yourself, or in conjunction with some neighbours?

I don’t think we have these here? I’ve never seen one, anyway, or a notice for one.

13 – International Lefthanders Day: Are you, or is anyone close to you lefthanded? Do you know anyone who, as a natural leftie, was forced to learn to use their right hand, either by their parents, or at school?

I’m right-handed. I don’t know if I know anyone left-handed – nobody stands out, and I don’t pay much attention to this because it’s not a point of interest to me. I think maybe some of my temp co-wokers have been left-handed but say for sure – it’s been a long long time, and like I said, not a point of interest. Same applies to childhood and school.

14 – Bargain Hunting Week: Do you make a point of trying to find the best deals when you need to buy something? What is one of the best bargains you’ve ever come across?

Not very much. I do check out the prices at different shops and offline vs online, but not intensely. Best bargains have been when my bra size or expensive shampoo has been on 25% or 50% off sale. Usually these come as a surprise and I can’t always take advantage of them because of that.

15 – Relaxation Day: What are some of your favourite ways to relax?

Reading. Shooting the breeze with my Mom, face to face and just being together.

16 – Elvis Week: Are you, or were you, an Elvis Presley fan?

Nope. He’s got a few songs I like but I’m not a fan.

17 – Thrift Shop Day: Do you regularly, or even occasionally, shop at thrift shops? Do you donate to them? What was one of your best or favourite thrift shop finds?

Never do.

18 – Serendipity Day: Serendipity is an unplanned fortunate discovery. Have you ever experienced a particularly serendipitous moment?

My bra size (N/O cup) is fucking expensive, so whenever there’s 50% off sale and I can afford to buy, is special!

19 – Break the Monotony Day: There’s a certain security in a steady schedule, but too much of the same thing gets you stuck in a rut and the monotony can just plain kill you. When was the last time you took a day to do something spontaneous?

… I can’t remember. I’m not really a spontaneous person, never have been. I always plan a little at least mentally a few days before. So it’s not truly spontaneous.

20 – Radio Day: Do you still listen to the radio? Do you have an actual radio, or do you listen to satellite or streaming radio? What about talk radio — are you a fan?

I’ve never tolerated radio. Hate the talking and the songs always get cut off too early, or talked long over at the start or the end or both and I’d get nothing but irritated and frustrated. Hate hate hate.

21 – Poet’s Day: Do you write poetry? Do you even like poetry? Do you have a favourite poet or poem?

No. Not in general, some particular ones. Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite poem but I don’t have a favorite poet.

22 – World Plant Milk Day: Almond milk, oat milk, soy milk… Do you use plant-based milk rather than dairy milk? If yes, do you use it instead of dairy in everything (tea/coffee, baking, cereal, etc.) or only in specific instances? Have you tried various types of plant milk? Do you have a favourite?

Nope, I use dairy milk. I’ve never used them myself but I’ve tried them a few times at a various courses arranged by the unemployment to “activate” and “improve” (read: forced to partake on the threat of loosing unemployment benefit) the unemployed. Some of these included cooking and food info, and they’d have us use plant-based milks as something to try out.

I’ve tried a couple of times to use the plant-based alternative for whipped cream, but those taste all awful – fake, industrial and plain bad.

23 – Ride the Wind Day: Have you ever been sky-diving? What about hang-gliding? If not, would you ever try either (both) of those activities? What about something tamer, such as kite-flying or sailing?

We did kite-flying when I was a kid. “No” to all the others.

24 – International Strange Music Day: What is the oddest music you’ve ever listened to?

I don’t think any music is strange or odd. Or at least I haven’t encountered any. Some has been discordant to me, but not odd.

25 – Kiss and Make Up Day: Is there anyone with whom you have a long-standing argument or conflict? What would it take to resolve the matter? If you’re currently at peace with everyone in your life, have you ever had a disagreement with someone that lasted more than a few hours/days?

Nope, never had a long disagreement with anyone who mattered enough to resolve the matter. A few times a temp co-worker has held political opinions opposite to mine or something, but all that required being professional towards them and sticking to non-sensitive things.

26 – Toilet Paper Day: This is a day we can all get our behinds behind! Did you know that toilet paper began its wide use in China by the 6th century? And by the 14th century, the Chinese had made advancements in toilet care, producing packages of special paper people could use in their wiping endeavors. In fact, it is estimated that the culture produced at least 10 million packages of toilet paper each year! So enquiring minds want to know — do you hang your toilet paper so the paper hangs over or under? Do you have a favourite brand? Do you seek out more eco-friendly types of toilet paper, e.g. bamboo toilet paper or toilet paper made from recycled fiber?

I hang it over! I have Crohn’s Disease which means I use a lot of toilet paper, so price is the most important factor. But it can’t be too thin, which is usually cheapest. So I balance quality and as low a price as possible. I can’t be brand loyal because prices change enough to force me to change brands a few times a year. I would like to use a softer paper than very basic one I currently use, but the rising prices the past 1,5 years have made that impossible.

27 – Just Because Day: This day is meant to celebrate lazy afternoons at the beach, taking time off and doing whatever you want or feel like in the moment. So what will you do just because? Or what would you like to do just because if you can’t actually do any just-becausing today?

I don’t work and am just at home all the time, so technically I can do whatever whenever. If pain allows.

28 – Crackers Over the Keyboard Day: Do you eat at your computer? Do you regularly clean (or try to clean) your keyboard? Have you ever had any mishaps while attempting to clean your keyboard?

Sort of. I do eat at the computer all the time, but usually I’m watching an episode or a movie at the time, so I’m not literally eating over the keyboard – instead the laptop is about a meter away. I do regularly clean my keyboard because crumbs and dust have a way of find it. Never spilled anything on a keyboard, though.

29 – Lemon Juice Day: Is lemon juice a staple in your kitchen? Do you use it for non-culinary purposes? Do you have a favourite lemon-flavoured food or beverage?

It isn’t. I only use for baking; I have one or two recipes that calls for it but I don’t make them much anymore.

30 – Beach Day: Do you like going to the beach? When was the last time you were seaside?

I don’t like the beach, too hot and sunny. I don’t remember – by purpose, probably when I/we were out walking our Beagle and the hiking trail took us there (it isn’t a beach, just woodsy and rocks) so over 20 years ago. I’ve been to the seaside since then but accidentally and not by purpose and it was the target so I don’t remember.

31 – We Love Memoirs Day: Do you?

Not really. I’ve read a few, but it’s not what I normally read and enjoy.

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