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Friday 5 for May 26: Discomfort

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1. How ticklish are you?

Quite ticklish. It’s also made more uncomfortable because the skin on many places on my body, if it’s tickled, can start to itch as the result of tickling. Fun (not!) feature of having atopic skin. Often tickling also feels unpleasant, or even hurts, if I’m having rashes. So people have learned not to to tickle me because I have made it clear I don’t like it; if they try to, everything ends there because I get seriously angry and I either leave, or kick them out. They don’t usually try a second time.

2. When did you most recently experience physical numbness?

This morning when I woke up. The fingers and palm of my left hand were numb because I’d slept on it. This happens all the time; one or the other hand is usually numb at some point when I sleep.

3. What’s caused you recently to squirm?


4. What recently caused you to gag?

Taking my morning pills this morning.

5. Which item in your wardrobe is most uncomfortable to wear?

All my bras are uncomfortable! And a lot of shoes rub my heels bloody unless I plaster them within inch of their life. It’s a toss up between the two.

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