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Jul 5, 2011

Health Update + Random Thoughts: Firefly

The 2nd and last last tooth that needed to be removed was taken out this morning. The time reserved for the procedure was one hour, and I was mentally all prepared for just as problematic and painful removal and recovery as the other tooth. And it was… easy! D:

I was in and out in only 15 minutes; the procedure itself took maybe 5 minutes. This time there wasn’t need for much local anaesthetic like last time, and I didn’t even feel it going in. And then afterward, I didn’t really notice it at all unlike last time when half of my face was numb for 5-6 hours after the procedure.

Another delightful surprise – so far there’s been no pain whatsoever 😀 Keeping fingers crossed the recovery goes well and that there’s no infection this time again.

On the migraine front, head’s been a little bit worse the last four weeks or so. Due to heat waves, Mom’s breast cancer and me being nervous about today’s tooth removal operation. Still, the head’s didn’t get anything near like it was just say, eight months ago. I’m cautiously optimistic that maybe meds are effective enough so that I won’t respond to stress anymore by the migraine going bad again. Which happened three times when there was stress comparable to the above issues in my life. Now it’s been more of a pressure in my head than an out right attack, which has been great because it means I’m notlosing my ability to function. I do not miss those night and days when just sitting and breathing made my head feel like it was going to explode. So, a definite step forward on this front too 😀

On happier news, I rewatched all of Firefly the last couple of weeks and to my utter surprise… I loved it. A Lot. Which I didn’t the first time around. I think it was because, I had just finished watching Buffy, and it being a Joss Whedon production, I think I expected (read: wanted) something totally different than what I got. Propably a cross between Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Star Trek or something. And then there was of course the issue of Nathan Fillion – I hated him in Buffy, and I hated him in a few other things that I saw him in before Buffy, and I was really sour that he was in my scifi and everytime he was on screen I was irritated. Which, considering, was pretty much all the time.

So now when I rewatched, I was all prepared to hate his guts again… and I didn’t. I actually liked him, a lot, as Mal Reynolds. And I really liked all the other characters too 😀 I was devasted we didn’t get more of Firefly. It had everything I look for in a tv series these days. Things like continuity and character development and pacing that let me get to know all the characters and the world instead of rushing by them to special effects and action scenes. TPTB were idiots when they canceled this series.

And now I wonder, have I totally misjudged Nathan Fillion?! I hated him so much after Buffy/Firefly, that if a series or a movie has him in it, I have not watched it. Is Firefly and Mal Reynolds just a fluke, or is he actually not irritating and it’s just the characters? I’d lumped him with the other actors and actress that I didn’t like no matter what role they played, but I disliked him more intensily than I did any other. But maybe it’s more like… I’ve had a few actors that a role they played really clicked with me as in I got nuts about that character, but all the other roles before and after were just… meh. Leonard Nimoy and his Spock are an example of that, and Kevin Conroy and his Captain Rusty Wallace another. So maybe this Nathan Fillion thing is a variation of that?

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